Should FedEx Route Owners Worry About Drone Delivery?

There’s been much talk about the place of drone delivery in the market. If you have never seen a drone before, these flying mechanisms are perfect for photography, videography, and plain fun, but do they have a place in the world of logistics?

As a FedEx route owner, should you be worried about drone delivery in the future?

Answering Your Drone Delivery Concerns

The short answer is no; you do not have to fear about drones taking over logistical operations and hurting your investment. Not only is FedEx still going strong, but the sheer amount of e-commerce options for consumers is ensuring that there is more of a market than ever for delivery drivers.

However, if you want to learn more about how drones are not up to snuff, here are some of the most common complaints:

  1. Drones, as currently constructed, can only hold about one package (up to 5 pounds). While you might be able to drop off one, maybe two packages, anything more then that (or a more substantial box) is going to be impossible.
  2. The problem with drones is that you need a clear day, with little wind, and with minimal adverse weather conditions to fly drones. This means that in locations with any snow, ice, or rain in the air, drones would be completely useless (without even considering the kind of damage that full exposure to these conditions can harm packages).
  3. Safety concerns about using drones for more practical purposes are sky high, as legislators seek to understand the kind of role that they can safely and effectively play in our day-to-day lives. Until drones can fly in American airspace without concern, you do not have to worry about them being used as a way to deliver packages.

The majority of drone tests are currently being held overseas, in Europe, and the United States, while being at the forefront of the technology, does not seem to be uniquely positioned to introduce drones into the lives of everyday Americans. For now, drones remain more of a tool for fun than business, unless you are a photographer or in creative industries.

Investing In Your FedEx Route

Owning your own FedEx route is an excellent opportunity to build your own business, with the backing of an international brand. FedEx is well-equipped to handle the current market while providing you with the opportunity to showcase your hustle and your passion for your work. As you now know, drones are no longer a concern, so you can rest easy about delivering with FedEx today (and in the future).