KR Capital Ends 2019 with Eight Available FedEx Routes

It’s been a busy year for KR Capital. Since our inception, we’ve grown by an average of 30% per year and recorded more than $150 million in FedEx route sales. We’re proud to say that our growth trend continued in 2019. 

We’re ending the year with eight available FedEx pick-up and delivery (P&D) and line haul routes spanning eight states. The total asking price for the available routes is $8,335,000. Together, the businesses have an estimated total gross annual revenue of $12,345,922, with a projected cash flow of $2,341,032. The sale price includes a total of 92 vehicles, 88 employees and equipment valued at $2,210,588.

A Sound Investment

Owning a FedEx route as a contractor provides several avenues for compensation and offers a level of diversification intended to steady against market fluctuation. This arrangement makes ownership ideal for both P&D and line haul-based businesses across America. Our targeted database of potential route buyers has already generated significant interest because these listings provide new owners with the opportunity to grab the reins of an already successful business and take it to the next level. 

The FedEx P&D and line haul routes available with KR Capital include:

Available FedEx P&D Routes

Billings, Montana

  • Asking Price: $800,000
  • Gross Revenue: $1,400,000
  • Equipment Value: $330,000


Clarksburg, West Virginia

  • Asking Price: $675,000
  • Gross Revenue: $1,240,663
  • Equipment Value: $300,000


Londonderry, New Hampshire

  • Asking Price: $360,000
  • Gross Revenue: $589,997
  • Equipment Value: $104,000


Spokane, Washington

  • Asking Price: $650,000
  • Gross Revenue: $752,722
  • Equipment Value: $140,000


Available FedEx Line Haul Routes

Carol Stream, Illinois

  • Asking Price: $600,000
  • Gross Revenue: $701,094
  • Equipment Value: $100,000


Tacoma, Washington

  • Asking Price: $1,100,000
  • Gross Revenue: $2,260,466
  • Equipment Value: $432,588


Independence, Kentucky

  • Asking Price: $2,500,000
  • Gross Revenue: $3,712,416
  • Equipment Value: $804,000


Syracuse, New York

  • Asking Price: $1,650,000
  • Gross Revenue: $1,688,564 
  • Equipment Value: N/A


A History of Success

FedEx has used the contractor model since 1998, with many route owners finding success in the industry. Owning a FedEx route is an opportunity for those looking to start or expand their own business within the support structure of a larger system. And with the growth of e-commerce driving demand for logistics businesses, route owners are in the unique position of having a built-in customer base, enabling them to focus on fulfillment without the worry of marketing, advertising or customer demand. 


Our Targeted Sales Approach Brings Results

KR Capital’s targeted approach provides a series of unique advantages to buyers and sellers of FedEx routes. We work with sellers to compile a best-in-class offering memorandum showcasing the business accurately to our qualified list of potential FedEx route buyers. With a sole focus on FedEx routes, KR Capital possesses a very detailed understanding of the information a buyer and their lender will be looking for in their evaluation of the opportunity. Buyers benefit from having all the information needed to make an informed decision on the purchase, along with KR Capital’s intimate understanding of the FedEx approval process to help expedite approval and move toward a quick closing.

If you’d like to learn more about our available routes, call KR Capital at (503) 664-0753 or fill out the contact page on our website.