Buyer Demand (by State) For Your FedEx Routes

With an average of 150+ routes sold each year, we have aggregated a considerable list of buyers for FedEx routes across over 70 transactions.  With every transaction, we take note of each buyer’s search parameters in an effort to ultimately find them the exact set of routes they are looking for.  Over the years, we have collected data from over 3,000 buyers who are specifically interested in purchasing FedEx routes all across the country.  Our database contains the buyer’s financial capability, geographic preference, ground/home/linehaul preference, etc.

With this robust database, we are able to target buyers for new FedEx route sales extremely quickly and efficiently.  We have compiled the graphs below to demonstrate the buyer demand for each transaction, organized by state.  On average, we generate a list of approximately 30-50 buyer inquiries for each transaction we work on.  As is evident in the graphs below, the buyer activity can vary considerably based on a wide variety of factors: price, location, time on market, etc.

States AR thru ME:


States MI thru WY:


If you are interested in discussing the value or sale of your FedEx routes, please contact us.  We are happy to provide a complimentary review and value estimate of your FedEx routes at no cost.  We look forward to hearing from you.