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Search Engine Exposure

Our online presence is a cornerstone of our marketing platform and is made available exclusively to clients of KR Capital.
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Updated 11/22/2019

Our Online Presence Works for You

We have devoted years of work and many thousands of dollars to develop our online presence.

We continuously strive to climb the ranks of the most prominent search engines to ensure potential buyers can find us easily.

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, roughly 8 in 10 consumers shop online. This is up from just 22% in 2000.  Searching for business opportunities (or FedEx routes to buy) is no different.

As part of our strategy, we diligently research the top terms that FedEx1  buyers are searching for and cater our online strategy accordingly.  This process, in and of itself, is a very complex and time-consuming process – and there are no short-cuts.  As a firm, we recognize that if we are not maximizing the exposure for our clients online, we are not doing our job.

In addition to the exposure we strive for on the relevant search engines, we must also be a recognized authority on the business of selling FedEx routes.  This includes building a robust website with both sellers and buyers in mind.  Buyers evaluating the purchase of a set of FedEx routes can browse our website for important resources, market data and more.  This, in turn, helps the buyers become more educated about their decision and allows for a win-win transaction.

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