FedEx Route Sales Prices on the Rise

Over the years, we’ve kept a close eye on the trends associated with FedEx route sales, FedEx route prices, and the factors affecting each.  As brokers of FedEx routes, our clients depend on us to provide sage advice when it comes to route pricing, initiatives to increase value, identifying the right time to sell, etc.

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How Long Will it Take to Sell My FedEx Routes?

It’s a question we receive almost daily.  FedEx contractors contemplating the sale of their routes often first want to understand the timeline that goes along with a successful sale.  The process of selling a set of FedEx routes has a wide number of variables that contribute to the timeline – both controllable and non-controllable.

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My FedEx Routes Are Not ISP Compliant: What Now?

For many FedEx contractors, the news of the impending ISP transition has likely been at the forefront of your mind – particularly if your routes fall below the imposed ISP minimums.  As most contractors know by now, FedEx has implemented a nationwide ISP rollout that is slated to transition all states to ISP by 2020.  For those contractors whose routes fall below the 5 PSA/500 stop minimum, this announcement is even more significant – and perhaps a little unsettling.  It should be noted that certain states and terminals have minimums that take exception to this rule.  However, the majority of contractors around the country are faced with a very important question to ask:  What do I do if my routes aren’t ISP compliant?

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Buyer Demand (by State) For Your FedEx Routes

With an average of 150+ routes sold each year, we have aggregated a considerable list of buyers for FedEx routes across over 70 transactions.  With every transaction, we take note of each buyer’s search parameters in an effort to ultimately find them the exact set of routes they are looking for.  Over the years, we have collected data from over 3,000 buyers who are specifically interested in purchasing FedEx routes all across the country.  Our database contains the buyer’s financial capability, geographic preference, ground/home/linehaul preference, etc. Continue reading Buyer Demand (by State) For Your FedEx Routes

FedEx Routes for Sale: The Ultimate Guide

Our firm was selected to be interviewed by to discuss the different aspects of what it means to be a FedEx contractor.  The article touches on the following points:

  • Where to find FedEx Routes for Sale
  • The minimum requirements you need in order to become a FedEx contractor
  • Types of routes you can purchase
  • Expected costs and earnings for FedEx route contractors
  • Financing options that are available to you to purchase a route

To read the full text of the article, please follow the link below:

FedEx Routes for Sale: The Ultimate Guide

FedEx ISP Workbook

As previously noted, FedEx is currently undergoing a nationwide transition to an “ISP” model and contract.  Over the next 4 years, FedEx IC contractors will be gradually transitioning to this new contract according to the timeline FedEx has set forth.  FedEx contractors who are unfamiliar with the new ISP contract will naturally have many questions about what this new contract will mean for their business.  FedEx has put forth a comprehensive workbook which details the the new ISP Agreement and corresponding differences from the old contract.

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FedEx Announces ISP Transition Schedule

FedEx announced last month that all contractors would be transitioning to the ISP model by 2020.  At the time of the announcement, the details for the transition had not yet been disclosed.  Those contractors who were not already operating under the ISP model were made aware that at some point over the next four years, they too would be given a new contract.  While these contractors won’t know the details of their contracts until such time as they enter negotiations with FedEx, they now know when their transition window will take place.