Want to List Your FedEx Routes for Sale? How to Choose a Broker for Your Routes

buying a fedex routeIf you are considering putting your FedEx routes for sale you will want to hire the best broker possible. High-achieving entrepreneurs already know that when it comes time to do something and do it right, particularly something that you don’t do day-in and day-out, hiring an expert is the only way to go.

When dealing with a major life transaction, do not go at it alone, instead be sure to hire the best person you can for the job. But you’re probably wondering, what will a broker bring to the table when I decide to list my FedEx routes for sale? Here are few things to look for when making the important decision to hire a broker to help sell your FedEx business.

Selling FedEx Routes: Trust and Experience

When there is a lot of money at stake, and ever-changing complicated legalities, you will want to put the sale in the hands of someone who has handled FedEx routes for sale hundreds of times. This on-the-ground experience helps with an accurate valuation of your FedEx routes. If you have come across FedEx routes for sale by owner on Craigslist, you have seen how zany some of the pricing is.  Sellers are far more likely to attract strong buyers by listing at fair market prices with a reputable broker. Only a professional with in-depth experience of FedEx route operations can prepare sellers to handle the many nuances that come along with independent business transactions.

Of course, confidentiality is of paramount importance, too. A solid broker understands the value of information. In this digital age, a broker will take many safeguards to ensure that personal and business information is stored securely and never shared without permission/consent. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will help protect you and is an absolute must when selling your delivery route or any type of business.

Save Time When Listing Your Route

The best brokers have compiled an extensive buyer list for FedEx routes. This is essential, as many route owners own multiple pick up and delivery routes and/or line hauls and regions.  A broker will have a direct line to these folks, often getting a deal done before the sale ever goes public. In this century of chatter and noise, a “spray and pray” approach to marketing is no longer effective. The right broker will target your prospects and ensure they are pre-qualified, often resulting in a shorter selling period and more money in the FedEx seller’s bank account.

When listing FedEx routes for sale, odds are you will still need to give your independent corporation your full attention. Hiring a broker to handle your routes will allow you to keep your business clicking on all cylinders. The sale also won’t needlessly take you away from spending time with your family, and that’s priceless. There are far too many stories floating around out there about people who invested months of work to sell their FedEx routes on their own, only to see the deal fall through at the 11th hour. Save yourself the heartbreak and enlist a top broker to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Do What the FedEx Pros Do

Many FedEx route buyers will come directly to a broker opposed to FedEx routes for sale by owner or FedEx routes for sale on Craigslist. These independent business people understand that serious sellers will bring on a pro to help complete a deal.

Brokers are not just for first-time buyers of FedEx routes. Many of the most successful FedEx route owners rely on the services of a seasoned and expert broker to get their deals done. In fact, many FedEx route buyers prefer to transact through a broker so they have confidence that their deal with go through quickly and at a strong selling price.

All FedEx, All the Time

Irrespective of your business, it is always important to evaluate the person you are hiring. What other businesses are they involved in? What is their motivation? When it comes to buying and selling FedEx routes, there is no denying that one of the most lucrative independent business opportunities also comes with some challenges (as everything in life does!). Ask yourself: Do you want a broker selling your FedEx routes who is also involved in other types of businesses or would you prefer representation from a firm that deals exclusively with FedEx routes? Think about it. Would you rather buy a steak from a big box retailer or an experienced butcher? Teaming with a person who has the knowledge and an understanding of the FedEx business from A to Z cannot be overstated.

So if you are considering putting your FedEx routes for sale, before you contact a broker for references and past-sales data, be sure your financial statements are clean and organized and that your business plan is in tip-top shape to pass along to the buyer.