FedEx Interview Questions All FedEx Route Owners Should Ask Drivers

FexEx ground interview questions

This list of FexEx ground interview questions and tips will help sellers prepare before hiring new workers, particularly drivers.

Interviewing is not easy, and we’re not talking about fielding questions from potential supervisors. We mean actually conducting interviews. As the person asking the questions, you not just need to do a comprehensive job screening candidates, you need to be quick on your feet to answer unpredictable questions and answers. Plus, there’s a dirty secret out there: most people dislike interviewing. Two of the main reasons for the disdain is that they don’t do it often and when they do, it takes them away from the day-to-day business. We’re hoping this handy-dandy guide will help give route owners a starting point when interviewing candidates for surface transportation, package handling, and more. here are a few must-ask FexEx ground interview questions.

You will want to know if your employee can handle varying weather by asking for examples. Most candidates will say that the elements will not affect them, however, that is not true. It’s a good idea to ask your candidates for stories surrounding delivering in inclement weather. For example, what is the worst weather you have ever driven in and how did the drive go that day?

Employees should be able to lift heavy objects and remain injury-free. While asking about health in an interview can violate the law, you will want the candidate to paint a picture of the items and volume they have previously handled.

Avoid questions like “tell me about your biggest weakness.” Think about it. Is any sane or rational person going to sit across the table from an interviewer they just met and reveal their deepest and darkest vulnerability? No. This question just wastes time, as it is often met with a canned (aka Googled) answer.

Stay on target by asking job-specific queries. For example, how would you react if your truck didn’t start three days before Christmas and you couldn’t get the route owner to pick up his or her phone? Specific questions will give the interviewer greater insight into the makeup of the candidate, which in some cases, is more valuable than actual skill.

Try to understand what motivates the candidate. As a boss or supervisor, understanding people’s motivations is a great way to keep them engaged and yield better results for your organization. Some people are driven by money, others by project ownership. Ask questions that help you get to the bottom of what makes a person tick.

Get a person’s aspirations and dreams. This will help with the aforementioned motivation but also helps ensure you are bringing in the right person for the job. “When you leave this job, what job do you hope will be waiting for you?”

FedEx ground interview questions can run the gamut since the job is so diverse and attracts people from all walks of life. But having a pre-interview plan will help route owners stay on track during the hiring process.  FedEx route buyers and sellers are encouraged to check out this list of resources.