FedEx Truck Maintenance Tips

FedEx route owners who are in the delivery realm of things understand that their trucks are the bread and butter of their business. Without trucks, the work would be impossible. And to have to replace trucks? Expensive! That is why it is critical to take great care of your fleet, to keep the trucks rolling throughout the year. These low cost and relatively straightforward truck maintenance tips will keep your FedEx routes humming along.

Do not skip routine maintenance.
It is very easy for vehicle owners to overlook simple maintenance items such as oil changes, replacing the oil filter, even keeping vital fluids such as
power steering, brake fluid and engine coolant topped off.

Your best bet is to create a vehicle maintenance calendar and set reminders on your smartphone or another highly-visible area. Let’s be honest: those little cling stickers on our windshields are so easy to tune out.

Keep your trucks clean.
Aside from being a truck maintenance tip that keeps your business looking professional and up to code, keeping your trucks clean will also help them from wearing down prematurely. Sand, salt and general road grit can do serious damage to your truck over time. You will want to keep your truck’s undercarriage free from rust by treating the bottom side to a pressure wash every few weeks.

More truck maintenance tips…

Rotate the Tires.
Despite the fact that they keep us all on the road for business and pleasure, tires are an often overlooked maintenance area for drivers.

Improperly inflated tires will not only end up leading to less fuel efficiency but can develop into a serious safety issue too. Flat tires, blowouts, and even a lack of pressure (impacts the turning radius), can all create accidents. It is imperative that trucks that are transporting heavy loads have their tires inspected and filled on a regular basis. You will also want to have your tires balanced at regular intervals. An unbalanced set of tires can increase the wear on your suspension, effectively killing it prematurely.

Remember, an accident can not only impact your business — but can cost lives.

From engines to tail lights, keeping your FedEx trucks well maintained will help eliminate future headaches — and who doesn’t want that! Of course, you will never want to miss a vehicle inspection, either. Aside from being the law, it’s another way to reinforce good maintenance habits for your truck.  Always consult your truck’s owners manual before leveraging any of these truck maintenance tips.