The Life Cycle of a FedEx Ground Package

The FedEx Ground network is a complex and extraordinary beast. With approximately 9 million packages traveling through more than 600 stations and hubs each day, the capacity of the FedEx Ground system is nothing short of impressive.

As a FedEx route owner, you have a major part in this system. And while your team may only handle a package between two of many points, it’s important to understand the full life cycle of a FedEx Ground package. This will ensure that you’re familiar with the basic structure of FedEx Ground—along with the crucial role that your route plays in it.

Here’s how a package moves through the FedEx Ground network:

  1. Shipper (Customer)

A resident or business—the shipper—prepares the package for FedEx. A pickup and delivery (P&D) driver picks up the package at the customer’s location, then brings it to the local FedEx station. The P&D driver uses a van or small truck for this step.

  1. Origin Station

The local station is known as the origin station. Here, the package is sorted for delivery to the local hub, which is referred to as the origin hub. This step is carried out by a linehaul driver.

  1. Origin Hub

Upon arrival at the origin hub, the package is sorted based on its destination. The package is placed on a trailer that is specifically assigned for that region. A linehaul driver then transports the trailer from the origin hub to the destination hub.

  1. Destination Hub

At the destination hub, the package is sorted based on the recipient’s location. Another linehaul drive brings the package to the recipient’s local station.

  1. Destination Station

The package is sorted by specific route. The P&D driver for that route loads the package onto their vehicle for the final leg of the journey.

  1. Recipient (Customer)

The driver delivers the package to the recipient. Again, this may be a resident or business.

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As you can see, the life cycle of a FedEx Ground package is intricate yet organized. Each hub, station, and driver plays a major part in every package’s journey.

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