What Types of Contractor Opportunities Does FedEx Offer?

The changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the significant stretch of time many of us spent working from home, inspired a lot of people to reevaluate their career path and decide whether or not they were truly happy in their current jobs. Not surprisingly, a number of those individuals decided it was time to go into business for themselves.

Owning your own business definitely has its perks. First and foremost, you get to continue that work-life balance you discovered while working from home. Second, you are in charge of how you want to run your business, which means you get to specify how you want things done. Third, you get to choose the people you work with on a daily basis, which means you can hire people who share your drive and passion for hard work and the many rewards it offers.

FedEx makes it easy to follow your passion and launch your own business.

In fact, contracting with FedEx is one of the surest bets you can take as a prospective business owner. Think about it: The service you offer is something people will always need, especially with the recent surge in online shopping. Plus, you will be backed by one the largest and most respected courier companies in the world, one with a nearly 50-year history of transporting and delivering packages to businesses and individuals.

As a FedEx contractor you are not a direct employee of the company but rather an independent business owner operating under the rules, standards, and regulations of a larger corporate entity. But, where do you begin?

FedEx offers three unique independent contractor opportunities. 

  • Custom Critical Owner Operator: The FedEx Custom Critical fleet specializes in same-day and overnight delivery of expedited freight and parcels. This may include items of high priority, or items that need to remain in a temperature-controlled environment (such as food and other perishables). If you own your vehicle or plan to purchase one, this may be the right opportunity for you.


  • Linehaul Contractor: This role involves transporting packages on long-haul routes between FedEx Ground locations. As a FedEx Linehaul Contractor, you need to provide your own tractor but FedEx will supply a trailer.

  • Pickup & Delivery (P&D) Contractor: As a P&D Contractor, you are responsible for delivering parcels directly to local homes and businesses. These contractors operate along a specific route or set of routes and provide packages to individuals and commercial clients along those routes. In this role, you must own (or lease) your own vehicle and absorb all other business-related expenses.

Exactly how involved you want to be, as well as the level of investment you are able to make, will determine the type of independent contractor opportunity that may work best for you.

The next step: Finding FedEx routes for sale

Your delivery routes will be the lifeblood of your business as a FedEx contractor. When you purchase FedEx routes, you are inheriting an established book of business, and the experts at KR Capital can help you take that first step. (Here are 5 things to do before buying FedEx routes.)

Whether you are interested in operating a pickup and delivery (P&D) or a linehaul route business, our experienced team can help you find routes in your area that match your specific criteria. From there, we will help you secure financing, navigate the purchase and approval process, and finally realize your dream of owning your own business.

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