Hiring New Drivers? Our Top Interview Tips for Building a Winning Team

Recruiting and hiring a reliable and efficient team is one of the biggest challenges for new and veteran FedEx contractors. Like any business owner looking to hire a new employee, knowing what questions to ask and which topics to cover is the key to effectively screening your candidates and making sure you get the best person for the job.

The following list of FedEx Ground interview tips will provide a helpful starting point, especially when interviewing potential drivers.

Make sure potential drivers can handle varying weather conditions.

Many candidates will say that the elements will not affect their driving, but anyone who has driven in heavy snow, rain, or similar conditions knows this is just not true. It is a good idea to ask your candidates for past examples of how they have handled deliveries in inclement weather. For example, What is the worst weather you have ever driven in and how did the drive go that day?

Confirm candidates are able to lift heavy objects and remain injury free.

Pushing, pulling, lifting, and bending go hand in hand with being a FedEx delivery driver, and you want to make sure your drivers are physically able to perform the duties of their job. Ask the candidate to paint a picture of the items and volume they have previously handled to get an idea of whether or not they are qualified for the job.

Stay on target by asking job-specific queries.

Your drivers will be out on the road all day, every day—which means they may need to think on their feet and act quickly if a situation arises and their route owner cannot be reached. Specific questions such as “How would you react if your truck didn’t start three days before Christmas and you were unable to reach your route owner?” will provide valuable insight into the character of the candidate.

Try to understand what motivates the candidate. 

As a boss or supervisor, understanding what motivates your employees is a great way to keep them engaged and yield better results for your organization. Some people are driven by money, while others may be motivated by project ownership or growth opportunities. Ask questions that help you get to the bottom of what makes a person tick, and find out their aspirations and where they envision themselves on their future career path.

Avoid outdated interview questions. 

At one time or another, most of us have been asked something like, “Tell me your biggest strengths and weaknesses on the job.” Questions like this are outdated and ineffective. Instead, ask for specific examples of past successes and focus on why they believe they are a good candidate for this job. (At the end of the day, no candidate is going to want to sit across from you and tell you their biggest weaknesses, so don’t waste your time asking.)

Plan ahead for a smooth interview process. 

Because the job is so diverse and attracts people from all walks of life, FedEx Ground interview questions can run the gamut and will likely vary based on the specific position. Still, smart route owners understand that planning ahead is the key to a well-paced, informative interview and staying on track during the hiring process.

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