What Is the Marketing Process to Sell FedEx Routes?

When the time comes to sell your FedEx routes, it is important to make sure your business is presented as a profitable and attractive opportunity for potential buyers. This will ensure your routes get sold quickly and for the best possible price.

At KR Capital, we have spent a decade developing our proven, multi-tiered marketing process to ensure your routes receive as much buyer exposure as possible. This process is a critical step in helping you find the right buyer and ultimately completing the successful sale of your routes.

Tier 1: Proprietary Buyer Database

The first tier of our marketing process is our internal buyer database, which contains key information on more than 10,000 potential buyers—including their contact details, available capital, location, and route preferences.

As we continue to market and sell FedEx routes nationwide, this database expands and evolves to create more buyer exposure for future sellers. Information is sorted and filtered for matching buyer criteria. On average, this yields a targeted buyer list of 1,800+ FedEx-specific buyers who have expressed interest in a similar set of routes in a given location. Once identified, these buyers are proactively contacted by KR Capital to solicit their interest.

Tier 2: Search Engine Exposure

The second tier of our marketing process pertains to our online presence on prominent search engines. Ranking a website at the top of popular search engines like Google is no easy task; however, KR Capital has dedicated both the time and the financial resources necessary to achieve this high ranking.

Our online efforts target the thousands of buyers actively searching the internet every month for FedEx routes for sale. On average, our website receives over 5,500 visitors monthly, many of whom are potential buyers. There is simply no way to shortcut this type of online exposure and it is exclusively a KR Capital advantage.

Tier 3: Placement on Top Websites

KR Capital maintains memberships with the most popular business-for-sale websites to maximize exposure for our clients so you can sell your FedEx routes faster and for the best price. These websites attract interest from millions of buyers nationwide and are often the key to pairing your P&D or linehaul routes with the right buyer.

As part of our services, KR Capital incurs the membership costs for these sites on behalf of our clients in order to ensure we are capturing buyer activity across a broad range of channels.

Sell your FedEx routes today with KR Capital. 

As the premier FedEx brokerage firm in the country, we are committed to helping you market and sell your FedEx routes when the time is right. In addition to increasing exposure for your route business through our multi-tiered marketing process, we can also help you effectively negotiate the terms of the transaction, secure bank financing if necessary, and easily navigate the FedEx approval process to successfully close the transaction—all while maintaining the strictest confidentiality. Contact KR Capital today to get started.