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Our seller resources library gives you the information you need to know before you decide to sell your FedEx routes.

What Are My Routes Worth?

Regardless of whether we are looking at P&D or linehaul runs, there is a fairly consistent way to calculate the value of a given set of FedEx routes.

Seller Forms

Selling your FedEx routes will likely be one of the largest financial decisions in your life. We have compiled a list of important resources for any contractor considering the sale of their FedEx routes.

Market Insights

FedEx contractors typically have a very intimate understanding of their daily operations. For contractors contemplating the sale of their FedEx routes, understanding the FedEx market as a whole can provide some very valuable insights.

Buyer Database

At the end of the day, a seller ultimately hires a broker for one reason: to find the right buyer at the right price. Here's how we do it.

Search Engine Exposure

Our online presence is a cornerstone of our marketing platform and is made available exclusively to clients of KR Capital.

Offering Memorandum

As specialized FedEx brokers, one of our highest priorities is to ensure our client opportunities are presented in the best possible light. We exceed expectations – every time.
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