FedEx to Add 50,000 Seasonal Jobs

Very interesting article – a great snapshot into the growth FedEx is experiencing.  As peak season approaches, our clients have echoed these growth trends loud and clear.

In anticipation of the busy peak season, one terminal manager on the east coast has already said he will not approve business transfers until after the 1st of the year, 2015.  Although we’ve only experienced one instance of this, it speaks to the growth and package volume that the FedEx anticipates in the coming months.  As you might expect, FedEx does not want to bring in new, inexperienced contractors just before the busy season hits.  However, a freeze on transfers in mid-September is unprecedented and something we haven’t seen before.  We are scheduled to close another 9 FedEx transactions between now and 10/20 so most states are still pushing transfers through – at least until October.