How to Find a Lawyer to Buy or Sell FedEx Routes

Oftentimes, it is wise to have a lawyer represent you when conducting significant business transactions such as buying or selling FedEx routes. But many first-time business owners may not have a lawyer they have used in the past. So how does one go about finding a good lawyer to represent their interests and help facilitate the transaction?

Advertisements for lawyers are seemingly everywhere; however, nothing will beat getting a referral from someone you trust, with one caveat. You will want to hire a lawyer who has expertise in the area where you are looking for help and guidance. For example, a lawyer who performed well for your friend’s marital issues may not be well suited for advice on how to incorporate. There are a million lawyers in America, but many will not have the expertise you are looking for.

When it comes to FedEx routes, you will want legal representation that is familiar with the process. From the Letter of Intent that is the official buyer’s offer to Purchase Agreements that will make the sale official, you will ideally want a lawyer who is familiar with the FedEx/business-ownership landscape.

While the personal referral is best, if that doesn’t pan out, you can consider a few other options:

– Consulting your local chamber of commerce for recommendations. – Can set you up with a local lawyer within 8 minutes.

– Yellowpages – Yes, that’s still a thing.

– Consult message boards such as Reddit.

– Get a referral from a broker who handles FedEx routes

Aside from looking for an experienced lawyer, you will also want a closing agent if the lawyer cannot fill that role as well. This is someone who can hold the buyer deposits, coordinate vehicle payoffs at closing, and handle other tasks to make sure the transaction goes off without a hitch.

Traits of a Good Lawyer

  • Another thing to look for when hiring a lawyer: passion. A lawyer who not only understands “Legalese” – but also their client’s objective(s) – is a valuable asset.
  • A lawyer should be analytical but also able to communicate in a clear and concise style that makes you comfortable. After all, this person is handling a  significant business transaction for you.  You will want someone who possesses strong written and verbal abilities.
  • Hiring a lawyer who is a good listener is imperative. Evey FedEx transaction has its own set of nuances, and you will want to hire a lawyer who takes the time to hear what you are saying.