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Should FedEx Route Owners Worry About Drone Delivery?

There’s been much talk about the place of drone delivery in the market. If you have never seen a drone before, these flying mechanisms are perfect for photography, videography, and plain fun, but do they have a place in the world of logistics?

As a FedEx route owner, should you be worried about drone delivery in the future? Continue reading Should FedEx Route Owners Worry About Drone Delivery?

Want to Buy or Sell a FedEx Route? Use These Negotiation Tips

If you have been looking to buy a FedEx route, or want to sell the one you currently have, chances are you are going to have to negotiate your route for the price you want to pay (or the price you want to receive). Whether you are on either side of the table, here are some handy negotiation tips to help give you an upper hand. Continue reading Want to Buy or Sell a FedEx Route? Use These Negotiation Tips


Entrepreneur Quotes and Inspiration

“A somebody was once a nobody who wanted to and did” – John Burroughs

FedEx routes? They’re about hustle, about grind, about waking up early and going to bed late. They’re also about making time for yourself, your family, and ensuring that you prioritize the right things for you. After all, who said owning your own business had to be painful? Instead, you can gain access to an international network, constant demand, and capitalize on it. Continue reading Entrepreneur Quotes and Inspiration

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FedEx Routes: Common Q&A

Interested in purchasing your very own FedEx route? Before you put the money in to make an investment of this size, you might have some questions that need answers. This is the list of the basic questions that you might have when it comes to first getting started. From here, you should be able to determine if a FedEx route is right for you, and if you’re ready to partner with a trusted brand to grow your very own business.

What do you need to know before you secure your route? Here are the basics… Continue reading FedEx Routes: Common Q&A


FedEx Is the Reigning Logistics King

There’s a reason why so many people known about FedEx, and their place in the market. After all, how would you like to work with royalty? Well, FedEx is the king of logistics, throughout the world, meaning that when you partner with them to own your very own route you’re practically in the high court.

What makes FedEx so strong, though? Let’s look at the reasons why… Continue reading FedEx Is the Reigning Logistics King