Have You Considered Route Optimization Software for Your FedEx Business?

Owning your own FedEx route business means you have a team of delivery drivers that you count on to transport packages safely and efficiently throughout the day. And now that more people are shopping online for the products they need, you rely on your drivers even more to ensure deliveries are made on time.

Guess what? There is some innovative technology out there that can help your drivers be even more productive and make your business more profitable.


Route optimization software is changing the delivery game.

Route optimization software (also called route planning software) lets you find not just the shortest but the most efficient route possible to help your drivers make even more deliveries while spending less time behind the wheel.

Ideal for dynamic delivery routes with multiple stops, route optimization technology lets you easily input customer addresses, plan routes, and schedule delivery times for every driver on every route. In addition to calculating the distance between stops to generate the most efficient route, route planning software also takes into account factors such as fuel efficiency, peak congestion times, weight and volume constraints, and what types of materials are being transported.

Using route optimization software significantly shortens the time that you or your fleet manager spend planning out routes each day, which frees up your time to focus on other ways to grow your route business. Plus, it’s far more efficient than having your drivers use a standard GPS program to try to navigate the best course.


What are the benefits of route optimization software?

  • Saves time. Not only does it cut route planning time from hours to minutes, but it also reduces time between deliveries by avoiding congestion and delays.
  • Maximizes drive time for increased productivity. It helps drivers make the most out of their drive time and allows them to make more stops per route.
  • Ensures drivers consistently meet customer ETAs. Route optimization software helps drivers consistently meet ETAs to ensure that individuals and businesses get their packages on time, every time.
  • Lowers your cost per delivery. Faster, shorter, and more fuel-efficient routes contribute to significant cost savings and a stronger bottom line.
  • Identifies improvement opportunities. Simply by integrating route optimization software into their daily routine, fleet managers are able to quickly identify areas of improvement and make the necessary changes to save time and money.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction. No FedEx route owner wants to hear that a customer is disappointed because they didn’t receive their delivery when it was expected. Route optimization software uses real-time tracking and notifications to ensure delivery times are met and customers stay happy.


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