What Training Is Required for FedEx Drivers?

The success of your FedEx route comes down to your team of delivery drivers. They are the driving force (no pun intended) behind every operational task, from the loading of trucks to the delivery of packages. That said, it’s crucial to prioritize proper training when new drivers join the team.

With a solid training program, you can ensure new drivers are prepared to efficiently perform their job. Not only will this impact their safety and productivity, but your business’ profit as well.

But what does driver training involve, exactly? Here’s a look at the required training for new FedEx drivers:

Scanner training teaches new drivers how to use scanners.

During this portion of training, a new employee will accompany an existing driver and scan packages along the route. They’ll learn how to operate the scanner system, along with the appropriate codes to indicate the current status of each delivery.

It’s worth noting that not all FedEx route businesses use the same type of scanner. Even if your new driver has previously worked on other FedEx routes, they may have not used your specific scanner system. Be sure to assess their prior experience and implement scanner training as necessary.

Driver training involves operating delivery vehicles and navigating routes.

Next, your new employee will learn how to safely drive the delivery trucks or vans. This part of training will likely look different for every driver, as it’s significantly influenced by their previous driving experience.

Keep in mind that an employee with a clean driving record still requires driver training. The same goes for employees who have previously worked as delivery drivers for other businesses. This is vital for keeping your drivers safe on the road.

Drivers will also learn the route during this portion of training. They’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and observe potential issues as they happen, such as parking difficulties or traffic flow.

You can also train candidates without prior driving experience through a FedEx-approved entry-level driver program (ELDP).

FedEx requires drivers to have at least one year of professional driving experience within the last 3 years. But what if you’d like to hire a candidate who doesn’t have past experience?

An ELDP such as Fleet Response or GroundCloud can make the driver eligible for FedEx approval. These programs—which consist of training lessons, quizzes, and safety techniques—provide the necessary training required for new drivers, even if they don’t have experience.

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