FedEx Delivery Vehicles: Spotlight on Step Vans

If you own a FedEx route business, or if you are thinking about buying FedEx pick-up and delivery (P&D) routes, you may be familiar with step vans already. Step vans (sometimes called stepvans or box trucks) get their name from the low van steps installed beneath the doors that allow drivers to easily “step up” and get in the cab. They look more like a truck than a van, but some newer models have a sleek, van-like design.

Another characteristic of step vans is that they can be operated while sitting or standing, which adds to their versatility. Though they are commonly used today by parcel delivery companies such as FedEx, the history of step vans dates back to the early 1900s. Maybe not surprisingly, the first step vans were used for milk and bread deliveries.

What makes step vans so appealing? 

Step vans have experienced something of a renaissance lately, particularly because their spacious interior allows for easy customization to meet drivers’ needs. They are also surprisingly lightweight, weighing only about 1–2 tons, which contributes to their appeal.

Today, you might see these multi-purpose vehicles being used by delivery service providers (including food and floral deliveries) as well as contractors, government agencies, and even by local law enforcement. The food truck boom has also led to a step van comeback; ovens and fryers can be easily built in, along with the necessary ventilation systems.

FedEx delivery drivers have relied on step vans for decades. 

Their convenient design allows drivers to exit and enter the vehicle with relative ease, saving time and allowing for more deliveries throughout the day. Step vans also help to limit the amount of bending drivers have to do, thus leading to fewer vehicle-related injuries.

The price of a step van will vary based on its customization. New step vans may range in price from about $50,000 to $100,000, depending on their interior configuration. Most FedEx contractors will look for step vans with full-length shelving and a walkthrough sliding door. Air conditioning is also an important feature for driver comfort.

If you are in the market for a used step van, be sure to look for a vehicle that comes with an extended warranty. Though durable, they are often subjected to heavy use, extensive wear, and long-term exposure to the elements. You will also want to determine if you want a gasoline or diesel vehicle, and either a 5.4L or 6.6L engine size. Of course, this may all depend on the size of your budget.

A lot of FedEx Ground contractors choose to outfit their drivers with Ford or Freightliner vehicles because of their sturdy construction and dependability. With proper maintenance, step vans can stay on the road for well over 200,000 miles. A simple online search will reveal dozens of websites where both new and used step vans can be bought and sold, and some will even deliver the vehicles to you.

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