What Is a Typical Day Like for a FedEx Contractor?

For many people, the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic meant a major shift in their careers. Some workers were laid off from their jobs temporarily, while others found it necessary to find work elsewhere or even embark on a new career path. Still others decided to go into business for themselves, and many would-be entrepreneurs looked to FedEx for a lucrative new start.

As one of the largest and most respected names in logistics, FedEx combines the reliability of an industry leader with a high potential for profit (since people will always need to ship and receive packages). Which means if you have been considering starting your own business but haven’t yet found the right fit, partnering with FedEx may be the answer

Yes, FedEx uses independent contractors—and it may be just the job for you.

Many people don’t realize that FedEx actually has a significant contractor workforce. In fact, the FedEx Ground and FedEx Custom Critical divisions, both of which fall under the broader FedEx Corp. umbrella, mainly utilize contractors called independent service providers (ISPs), to manage routes and transport and deliver packages throughout the United States and Canada.

The process begins when an individual purchases FedEx routes and takes on the responsibility of conveying packages to and from locations within their chosen customer service area (CSA). Once the purchase and transfer process is complete, they are now the owner and operator of a FedEx route business. In this blog, we will take a look at exactly what that involves.

What does a day in the life of a FedEx contractor look like? 

To better understand the role of a FedEx ISP and determine whether or not it is right for you, it helps to know what you can expect during a typical day on the job. First things first, this is not a business you can put on autopilot, at least not in the beginning.

Most route owners get an early start to the day, beginning work around 6:00-7:00 AM to take care of smaller administrative tasks such as checking email, making phone calls, and reviewing route plans to make any last-minute changes. (This is much faster and easier now thanks to route optimization software.)

From there, you will likely want to check in with your drive team to make sure they pick up their scanners and have everything they need for the day. This is also a good time to review your safety protocols and address any issues your drivers may have.

Once the trucks and vans are loaded and balanced, your drivers will head out for the day. This is a good time to tackle any larger tasks, such as employee scheduling, reviewing maintenance logs (and scheduling routine maintenance as necessary), managing accounts and bookkeeping, and getting in touch with clients.

Later in the day, a good practice is to check in with your drivers to confirm they are on track to complete their deliveries on time. If they need assistance, you may be required to act quickly and possibly call in other drivers to help—or even handle it yourself. Route owners should always be prepared for the unexpected, from breakdowns to traffic delays and everything in between.

After your drivers return for the day, you’ll want to check in with them to ensure their deliveries went smoothly and no other issues need your attention. While technology allows for a lot of communication to be handled remotely nowadays, it is still important that your drivers physically see you throughout the week, if not daily. This lets them know they know they can count on you and that you’re committed to their health and safety. In the long run, staying engaged with your drive team will go a long way toward boosting both employee morale and your bottom line.

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