Supply Chain Issues Are Sticking Around, Are Your FedEx Drivers Prepared?

Until recently, the words “supply chain” had little meaning in our daily lives, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Now, it seems we can’t go a day without hearing on the news about another new supply chain issue. (Case in point: the recent shipping container shortage.)

According to New York Times writer Peter S. Goodman, “The pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of the global supply chain—that’s the usually invisible pathway of manufacturing, transportation and logistics that gets goods from where they are manufactured, mined or grown to where they are going.”

Truly, the broad-scaled health crisis has upended the global distribution network, impacting roughly every industry and countless countries around the world. If the mechanic says there’s still a holdup on that part for your car, or if you’ve been waiting on out-of-stock materials to complete your home improvement project, you’ve been impacted by supply chain delays.

How did this happen? 

Supply chain disruptions like the ones we are experiencing now don’t just happen overnight, but they are typically spurred by large-scale events such as natural disasters, cyber attacks, and, of course, a global health crisis.

In the early days of the pandemic, the world saw widespread shutdowns of businesses to keep staff and customers safe. Layoffs followed, production halted, and port terminals closed. Then came the eCommerce boom, when everyone who was staying home began ordering products online and expecting those products delivered within a normal, pre-pandemic timeframe. The shortage of workers and equipment plus the lack of space to store products only made things worse, and the global economy is still trying to bounce back.

How can you make sure your drivers are prepared for continuing supply chain issues?

With some experts predicting that the current supply chain issues will continue throughout 2022 and well into 2023, it is important for FedEx contractors to make sure their drivers are aware of the issues and prepared for what they may encounter.

Now more than ever, efficiency will be critical. Consider doing an internal audit in the new year of all of your internal processes to make sure your operation is running as smoothly as possible. Are there areas where you could improve? Could some things be automated that are now done manually? Can you implement new technology to boost productivity or shorten delivery times?

Stellar customer service will also serve your FedEx route business well. As the last stop in the chain, so to speak, your drivers will be the “face” of the supply chain issues for many customers. Make sure they understand how current delays are impacting individuals and especially business owners, and encourage them to be friendly, courteous, and respectful when making deliveries and addressing any customer issues that may arise.

KR Capital has the resources to help you navigate these changing times.

Owning and operating a business right now comes with unique challenges. However, with the right information and planning, your FedEx route business can still grow and be profitable in the new year. In addition to our blog, KR Capital offers a comprehensive collection of key resources for buyers and sellers of FedEx routes to guide them through every stage of the transaction. Call or contact us today to learn more.