Route Sellers: How to Find the Right Buyer, for the Right Price

With hundreds of FedEx routes bought and sold across the country every year—and new P&D and linehaul routes added continually to keep up with population growth—finding the right buyer for your route business seems like it should be an easy task.

However, trying to sell their routes on their own is one of the most common mistakes owners make with FedEx Ground routes for sale. Routes for sale by owner often take longer to sell and do not yield the highest price for sellers. Working with a professional FedEx broker who understands the complex FedEx route sales process is the best way to save time and ensure you get the best possible price for your routes.

Showcase your routes to more than 10,000 qualified buyers.

KR Capital is the leading FedEx brokerage firm in the nation, with a decade of experience to our credit and over $200 million in FedEx route sales. That means the majority of our day is spent marketing to and speaking with potential route buyers all across the country. As part of this process, we talk to hundreds of buyers each week to determine exactly what they are looking for so that we can connect them to the right FedEx opportunity.

Our proprietary buyer database contains information on more than 10,000 active buyers, and an average of 1,700 buyers are targeted for each transaction. For each potential buyer we speak with, we strive to intimately understand what they are looking for. This includes their location preference, cash flow requirements, financial capability, and the type and number of routes desired. These preferences are kept on file so that we can alert buyers when a new opportunity matches their criteria.

In addition to our in-house buyer database, we also engage in extensive outbound marketing initiatives. This results in a new buyer list being developed for each new transaction. As part of this process, we receive important feedback regarding the buyer activity for each opportunity marketed. FedEx contractors working with KR Capital gain access to both our exclusive in-house buyer database as well as the results of these outbound marketing initiatives, thereby increasing their exposure and allowing them to sell FedEx routes faster and with complete confidence.

Sell your FedEx routes with KR Capital. 

The team at KR Capital works with contractors all over the country who are looking to value, market, and sell FedEx routes for a premium price. Our track record for selling FedEx routes nationwide is second to none, and we have an intimate knowledge of both P&D and linehaul routes and understand the nuances associated with each line of business.

Along with our robust and targeted buyer database, our clients benefit from our time-proven sales process and best-in-class seller materials and resources designed to streamline the FedEx approval process and ensure a successful sale. Contact KR Capital today to begin the process and sell your FedEx routes to the right buyer for the right price.