The Different Types of Routes for Sale

routes for sale

You already know that you want to own your own business, and have decided to peruse routes for sale to find the right one. But you are feeling overwhelmed, after all, there are many route types to choose from. From brand routes to independent routes, each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Aside from FedEx routes, many other options exist. But let’s be clear, this is a website devoted to FedEx routes, so we are admittedly a little biased.

Routes for sale include:

FedEx Route: Over 12,000 entrepreneurs contribute to FedEx’s success, allowing the organization to continue to grow investments, integration, and innovation, the company’s three pillars of success.

Bread Route: This option is appealing for early birds who like to get the majority of their work done before other folks even get started.
Owners are generally on their own when it comes to truck maintenance, gas prices, branding but they do often get lots of free (almost stale) product. You trade in scalability for a lower risk of injury to employees.

Vending and/or Beverage Route: Whether you are delivering gallons of orange juice to supermarkets or going the soda vending machine route (pun intended!), there is quite a bit of consistent heavy lifting involved. Of course, there are also gumball machines, stickers, and even high-end electronics at airports. The low cost of entry is appealing to many, but you need to understand that you are likely looking at small margins and potential machine vandalism.

Newspaper Route: An oldie but a goodie for many, newspaper routes can still generate revenue. Print isn’t dead yet. When gas prices rise, alternate delivery methods (via bike or electric vehicle or even walking) can be a viable alternative to help to trim your margins. Before getting started with paper routes, be sure to talk to other carriers in your target area(s), as profits can greatly vary.

Cleaning Route: Commercial and residential cleaning services have performed well over the past decade, thanks in part to being a fairly recession-proof business. Owners must be willing to tackle customer service and personnel issues head-on.

Coffee Truck Route: Anyone who has worked in an office can tell you about their reliance on “meals on wheels.” Offering up coffee, fruit, candy and more, these trucks provide a much-needed service to many American workers. You will need a top-of-the-line refrigerated truck and several stellar stops along your route.

There are so many different routes for sale, which means opportunities abound. As with any independent business, it is imperative to do your own research before committing to buy a route. And be sure to look for protected routes and protected stops, as this will help shield you from competition that can eat away at your profits.