A Little About FedEx Stepvan and Cargo Trucks


Whether you call is a stepvan, step van or step truck, these 4-wheeled utility vehicles have been around since the 1930s.  The first incarnations delivered milk and bread, allowing the driver to operate the vehicle while sitting or standing. Over time, stepvans have been adopted by delivery companies like FedEx. You also might see one selling ice cream in your neighborhood!

Step trucks have seen a renaissance over the past few years, as their cavernous interior allows users to custom build to suit their needs. Weighing between 1 – 2 tons, these multi-purpose vans are often utilized by government agencies, specifically during disaster recovery efforts. The food truck boom has also led to a stepvan comeback. Ovens and fryers can be built in, along with ventilation systems.

FedEx Home Delivery has relied on stepvans for many decades. The design allows drivers to exit and enter with relative ease, saving time and allowing for more deliveries. The clever design also helps limit the amount of bending drivers have to do, thus leading to less vehicle-related injuries.

The price of a stepvan varies depending on how it is customized. The entry point for a new step truck is generally in the low $30K range but can drive up to $100K depending on its interior configuration.  FedEx drivers will look for full-length shelving and a walkthrough sliding door. Of course, AC is a must for most of the continental U.S.

Vintage stepvans have also made a bit of a comeback, with people using them for marketing purposes to grab attention. There are even folks converting these vehicles into mini RVs.

If you are in the market for a used stepvan, be sure to look for a vehicle that comes with an extended warranty. While these trucks are quite durable, they are also often exposed to heavy use and the wrath of Mother Nature. You will also want to determine if you want gasoline or diesel, a 5.4L or 6.6L engine size, and of course, what your budget is.

FedEx Home and Ground often rely on Ford or Freightliner vehicles because of their sturdy construction and dependability, not to mention, long history. With proper maintenance, stepvans can roll way past 200K miles.  A simple Google search will reveal dozens of websites where these stepvans can be purchased and/or sold. Many of these sites also offer to deliver nationwide, meaning they will bring the step truck to you.