FedEx Routes – Midyear Report

Interested in FedEx routes? As we head into the middle of 2018, it helps to know whether this might be the perfect business opportunity for you. Is now the time to invest in your very own route? Let’s dig a little bit deeper into the numbers before we decide…

GDP Growth
According to FedEx’s research, the GDP of the United States is expected to grow 2.9% in 2018 alone. What does this mean for you? It means more economic success and more consumers with money in their pockets. FedEx’s forecast of the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is even better, with boosts to the economy and increased disposable income on the horizon for many.

Empowered Consumers
With our first point in mind, consumers who have more money are typically more empowered to make purchases. Thanks to the ease with which one can purchase things online, consumers are even more likely to make everyday purchases (like toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, etc.) than ever before. Supplanting the traditional grocery/drug store model, consumers are perhaps even more interested than ever in ordering things online (and, therefore, having them delivered right to their door). This puts FedEx routes squarely in the center of an area of substantial growth.

E-Commerce Popularity
The continued growth of e-commerce giants, like Amazon, has helped the continued need for more and more logistics services. Then, you also have services like Wayfair and thousands of other start-up companies who rely on large brands like FedEx to get their packages across the nation.

Infrastructure Advancements
A common topic of conversation in the country is the need to grow infrastructure. As more cities grow, and more communities develop, roads will need to be maintained. Not only does that mean more routes to choose from, in general, but better-maintained routes to work. If the investment is made, FedEx routes will grow in both in quality and quantity.

Optimal Delivery Times

When we look specifically at FedEx’s customer critical offering, we need to understand that consumers are becoming more and more reliant on packages arriving at their door in record times. This means that more folks are willing to pay more to have things delivered, and the price itself is more desirable as it lowers, which ensures a consistent demand for packages to arrive – and quickly!

Is It Time To Invest?

Is a FedEx route on the horizon for you? FedEx provides a trusted, proven brand, with a track record of immense success, in an environment where buyers are purchasing and moving more products across the globe than ever before (in record times). Owning your own route might be your chance to get in on this exciting opportunity, as conditions have never been better.