Market Report: FedEx Line Haul Routes for Sale

FedEx Line Haul Routes for Sale

If you are looking for FedEx line haul routes for sale, you are in the right place. As a leading broker of FedEx routes, we are proud to currently offer a dozen fantastic business opportunities for independent business owners.

Spanning from the Bronx, NY to Southern California, there are currently ground routes, supplemental routes, home delivery routes, and linehaul routes available in:

Indianapolis, IN
Franklin, PA
Seattle, WA
Richmond, VA
Fargo, ND
Raleigh, NC
Bronx, NY
Kingsport, TN
Portland, OR
Southern CA

The gross income for these routes ranges from $500K to $1M, with asking prices between $350K – $1.1M. With interest rates still in decent shape, it is a strong time to make an investment in FedEx routes.

It is a popular time for sellers to list their routes and a great time for sellers to get in the game. With summer around the corner, and the lucrative holiday season never far behind, it is the ideal time to transition.

When putting your FedEx line haul business for sale or home delivery routes, it is always a good idea to consult a broker. Many years of experience will help the broker accurately assess the value of routes, save buyers and sellers time by leveraging a Rolodex of relationships, and possibly most importantly, ensure that the buyer gets through the FedEx approval process. Oftentimes, the qualified buyers that a broker brings forth, are worth the price of admission.

The past four years have seen our firm broker the sale of well over 100 routes per year, a pace we are on for 2018, as well. There have even been years where we have brokered close to 200 FedEx routes.  All of this experience means no surprises for you.

Before contacting a broker, FedEx route buyers should familiarize themselves with some of the basics, including:




FedEx is consistently in the Reputation Institute’s Top 50 most reputable companies. And FedEx earnings frequently beat expectations. The bottom line is that if you are willing to put in the work, FedEx line haul routes for sale can really have an impact on your personal and professional growth.