Why a FedEx Route Business Can Help You Weather Any Economic Storm

How would you act if you knew your investment had little risk, and a high opportunity for reward? Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it immediately? Buying a FedEx route might just be your opportunity to build your very own business, become your own boss, and grow without having to worry about the economy falling apart.

Why’s that? Well, simply put, buying a FedEx route might just be one of the safest investments you could make. Let’s run through the reasons…

The Growth of E-Commerce

The way people do business these days is based online, and e-commerce has grown substantially in the past decade to fulfill that need. So much of what we do, like what we buy and sell, is done online and is only growing from there. As more products and services continue to be brought online, from buying mattresses to flowers, the logistical needs of e-commerce will only continue to grow.

At the same time, infrastructural investments in the United States are due to grow at the same time. When you invest in a FedEx route, you are not only benefitting from the demand for online shopping growing, but investments being made in where you road (otherwise known as the roads). Best of all, it’s your tax dollars at work and not a drain on your business’ pocketbook.

The Strength of FedEx

Worried about Amazon? Don’t be. While the company might have bold ideas when it comes to launching their own shipping service, the numbers suggest that they would be dependant on large businesses like FedEx for decades and decades. In fact, Amazon is more likely to continue to rely on FedEx to continue to fulfill their logistical needs – making buying a FedEx route now an even better opportunity.

One of the best parts about buying a FedEx route is being able to access the cultural capital that FedEx has developed over decades in the business. Globally recognized and trusted, FedEx has built up a fleet that ensures that it is one of the big dogs in the industry. If any companies are going to try to ratchet up their logistical efforts, it is more likely to be in partnership with FedEx (and not in competition).

Brand Recognition, Brand Power

One of the main reasons that people invest in buying a FedEx route is that they can partner with one of the best in the business. Even during an economic downturn, large businesses like FedEx have survived based on smart business models and savvy business decisions. When you team up with a winner, you benefit from this strategy and gain access to the insights which can power you through the storm (and into the end zone).

The Importance of Consistency

Thanks to the consistent model that FedEx works within, where contractors are paid on a weekly basis, there is a consistent stream of capital that helps monitor funds, hire employees, and make repairs the moment they are needed. There is no waiting, no hoping for a big payday, only the importance of keeping an eye on your business and ensuring it operates to its full capacity. The responsibility is in your hands because you can trust that FedEx has your back.

When it comes to owning a small business, manufacturing demand is tough during harsh economic times. That is why contractors rely on FedEx, who have the brand power to merit consistent demand even during low seasons of demand. The work keeps coming, which means that you don’t have to stress whether anyone is going to be doing business with you tomorrow (or years down the road).

Hands-On Success

The best part of buying a FedEx route is that it is entirely yours. You can run the route yourself, you can hire people to do it for you, but it is entirely predicated on your ability to hustle and do your own work. For those of us who take pride in “sweat equity,” this is a fantastic opportunity.

Even during tough economic times, when you can feel powerless to the world around you, owning your own FedEx route is a nice reminder that you can take your future into your own hands. You can run your business yourself and can reap the rewards at the same time. After all, who doesn’t love owning their success?

Make A Smart Investment Today

In buying a FedEx route, you are not only taking the first step to owning your own business but securing your future with an investment that can stand the test of time (and weather just about any economic storm). FedEx is primed to succeed well into the future and has a stable backing of capital, demand, and circumstances that ensure your route will be successful (if you’re willing to put in the work).