Should I Get Pre-Qualified Before Buying a FedEx Route?

As is the case with any investment, it helps to have your finances in order when it comes to buying a FedEx route. Particularly for these type of routes, getting pre-qualified is imperative – why? Let’s go into it in greater detail…

Here is why getting pre-qualified, when buying a FedEx route, is so important:

It’s Not Always Easy

It can be difficult to secure a loan in order to purchase a FedEx route. Due to their lack of physical collateral, because you own the “route” (or area) as opposed to a building , you should not walk into a bank expecting them to immediately fork over the money.

Instead, you need to ensure that whatever financial institution (or alternative lender) can give you the money you need, in order for you to finance your small business dreams of buying a FedEx route.

You Rely On You

Getting a loan can seem risky, it can seem intimidating, and folks are often worried if they will have the ability to pay it back. Thankfully, when it comes to buying a FedEx route, you get to be in charge of your own success.

When you own a route, it comes down to how hard you are willing to work to make it a success. You can hire your own drivers, drive a route yourself, manage the business from afar, or be right on the ground.  You have your own destiny in your hands, which is the most exciting element. Worried about paying off your loan? Get pre-qualified to start, and then get to work!

Long-Term Viability

You want to ensure that you have the financial strength to handle buying a FedEx route. That’s because you’re going to be owning your own vehicles, managing your employees, and handling all of the deliveries (in the context of your route).

Starting off strong, by getting pre-qualified, lets you sleep a little bit more comfortable when it comes to knowing that you can handle the type of financial stresses (like repairs) which could occur as you’re getting your business off the ground.

Securing Your Loan Today

While it might be a challenge to secure your start-up capital, buying your very own FedEx route might just be the smartest investment you ever make. You can become your own business, and watch your own business grow, with the reliable influx of business that can only come from an international brand.

Should you get pre-qualified? Yes, and then start turning your route into your very own money-making machine.