How Long Does It Take to Train New Drivers?

Your drivers are the lifeline of your FedEx route. That said, it’s crucial to hire the best employees you can find. You’ll also need to properly train new drivers, ultimately setting them up for success.

However, when done correctly, training takes some time. This means you’ll need to carefully manage your existing drivers to prevent delivery backups as your new driver learns the ropes.

But how long does new driver training take, exactly? Let’s explore the process, below.

The new driver will need scanner and driver training.

To get an idea of how long driver training will take, it helps to know what training involves. The training process occurs in stages:

  1. Scanner Training

Scanners are a key component of the FedEx package life cycle. Between pickup and delivery, drivers scan the barcode on each package to update its status. They’ll also need to input special codes for various scenarios. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your drivers know how to use the scanner system.

During scanner training, the new driver will ride on a route with an existing driver. They will scan packages as they’re dropped off, allowing the driver to become familiar with the most commonly used codes.

If your new driver has prior FedEx driver experience, it’s still crucial to implement scanner training. Not all FedEx routes utilize the same scanner system, so take the time to ensure the new employee is comfortable with your scanners.

  1. Driver Training

During the next stage, your new driver will learn how to operate a delivery vehicle. The duration of this phase can vary greatly, as it depends on your employee’s prior driving experience. For example, if a driver used to drive vans or trucks for a previous job, they’ll likely complete this stage with ease. Alternatively, an employee who is new to driving larger vehicles might need more time.

Driver training also consists of physically driving along the routes. This allows the incoming employee to become familiar with the route’s potential challenges, such as parking issues or traffic congestion.

How long does new driver training last?

In general, training should take between 5 to 10 days. The total duration will be different for each employee.

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A driver’s previous experience will determine how long it takes to train them. However, even if they do have prior experience, be sure to complete the training process in full. This will ensure that each new driver has the confidence and skills to effectively perform their duties on your route.

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