Helpful Tips for First-Time FedEx Route Business Owners

Freedom and flexibility. Reliable weekly revenue. And an enterprise backed by one of the biggest names in the delivery services industry. Buying FedEx routes and becoming a FedEx independent service provider (ISP) is one of the best opportunities for those looking to leave behind the daily grind and start their own business.

Of course, as with any business, knowing how to manage the day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively is the key to ensuring your success in the long run. And for first-time business owners especially, it can feel overwhelming to suddenly be in charge of so many moving parts. Below are a few simple tips that can help you save time, money, and, let’s face it, your sanity, as you develop into your new role. 

  • Expand your knowledge. The skills necessary to be a successful business owner don’t always come naturally, but fortunately those skills can be learned and honed through various resources. There are countless books available on starting and running a small business, with topics covering everything from managing your finances to recruiting and retaining a winning team. Other sources for training and advice include online courses, podcasts, and even YouTube videos.
  • Automate everything. Automating everyday processes such as planning routes, scheduling drivers, recording timesheets, and managing finances is a considerable time saver—and more free time means more minutes in the day to focus on the big picture of growing and scaling your business. Nowadays there is a software solution or an app for just about everything you could imagine, so do yourself a favor and utilize technology whenever and wherever possible.
  • Make customer service a priority. It may sound like a no-brainer, but the most successful businesses are those that make superior customer service a top priority. Answer all questions in a timely manner, resolve issues promptly to ensure your clients feel heard and respected, and always train your drivers to be polite and professional when interacting with customers.
  • Invest in your drive team. Delivery drivers can make or break a FedEx route business. After all, they’re the ones out there on the frontlines every day, dealing with long hours on the road, heavy traffic, bad weather, and at times even disgruntled clients. Start by building a strong recruitment program to find the best talent, but don’t stop there. Offer competitive benefits and incentives to reduce turnover, make sure your vehicles are top of the line so that drivers feel safe and comfortable, and offer ongoing support and encouragement to let them know they are valued and appreciated.


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