What Requirements Do I Need to Meet to Become a FedEx Contractor?

FedEx is one of the largest courier companies in the world, transporting and delivering packages to customers in more than 220 countries and territories across the globe. Like any employer, FedEx aims to hire the best people and build an exceptional team, and this includes making sure its Ground and Custom Critical contractors have a history of safety, reliability, and professional integrity.

What’s the difference between being a FedEx Ground (P&D and linehaul) contractor and being a FedEx Custom Critical contractor? Find the answer here.

If you are considering purchasing routes and becoming a FedEx business owner/operator, there are specific requirements to which you will need to adhere. These policies are non-negotiable and one of the reasons the FedEx brand has experienced so much growth and success over the past few decades.

To become a FedEx contractor, you must meet the following criteria:

  • No more than one moving violation in the last 12 months
  • No more than three moving violations in the last three years
  • Ability to pass a U.S. DOT physical and drug test
  • A proper class commercial driver’s license
  • No felonies in the last seven years
  • No misdemeanors in the last three years
  • No DUIs or DWIs within the last five years
  • No record of a preventable accident resulting in death, serious injury, or payout greater than $100,000
  • No record, citation, or conviction of using a mobile phone while driving in the last year
  • At least one year of commercial driving experience within the last three years
  • No record of positive alcohol or drug test
  • Current commercial driver’s license
  • Ability to cross the border into Canada


Are all FedEx contractors required to be drivers? No; however, many route owners choose to complete the driver qualification process. Here’s why.

FedEx Ground contractor requirements also state that owner/operators must have a minimum of 5 routes and/or 500 stops per day and may not hold more than 15% of the routes in a given terminal (though there are some exceptions to this rule). In addition, contractors must own or lease their own approved delivery vehicles, establish and maintain customer relationships, and hire their own staff as well as pay fair market wages, provide employee benefits, and pay taxes.

Do you meet the requirements to become a FedEx contractor?

FedEx contractor requirements help support the company’s mission and values surrounding people, service, innovation, integrity, responsibility, and loyalty. If you are eligible and ready to take the next step toward owning your own route business, contact KR Capital today.

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