How to Make Your Vehicle Fleet More Eco-Friendly

It’s no secret that reducing our carbon footprint is more important now than ever. And, as a FedEx route owner, you are in a position to do just that.

After all, even small vehicle fleets can contribute to air pollution. Daily operations, like route planning and driving behavior, can determine your overall impact.
Fortunately, it’s possible to make your vehicle fleet more eco-friendly by implementing specific strategies:

1. Choose your vehicles wisely.

When assembling your fleet, it can be tempting to choose older vehicles in order to save some money. However, compared to newer models, aging vehicles are more likely to have higher emissions and poor fuel usage. They also tend to require more repairs, which can be costly in the long run.

Choose lightweight vehicles whenever possible. For example, instead of automatically opting for a full-sized model, consider if a smaller van or pickup truck can get the job done.

2. Maintain your vehicles.

Regular maintenance is just as important as the vehicle itself. Not only will it extend the lifespan of your vehicle, but it will decrease emissions as well.
Stay on top of routine maintenance for FedEx trucks, including:

  • Oil changes
  • Oil filter replacements
  • Checking vital fluids
  • Tire rotations


We recommend creating a calendar for vehicle inspections, scheduled maintenance, and car washes. It may also help to create a list of things to review (such as tire pressure) at regular intervals.

Similarly, if a vehicle needs repairs, take care of it as soon as possible. It’s the best way to prevent more extensive—and expensive—problems from developing.

3. Optimize your routes.

Ensure each route is as efficient as possible. Additionally, assign the right truck to the right route. By taking the time to optimize route planning, you can minimize fuel usage and overall emissions.
Invest in route planning software, which uses algorithms to create the most efficient route for the day. Depending on your area and number of stops, this type of software can reduce a driver’s route by minutes or even hours.

Other benefits of route optimization technology include:

Maximizes number of stops per route
Helps your driers meet customer ETAs
Reduces your cost per delivery

4. Prioritize driver training.

When training new drivers, incorporate vehicle maintenance and driving behavior into your program. For example, you can train drivers to limit idling (to reduce fuel usage) or avoid speeding over speed bumps (to protect tire alignment).

Consider providing each driver with a daily vehicle checklist that must be signed and dated before heading out for the day. This ensures that they’re involved with regular maintenance while holding them accountable.

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When it comes to protecting the environment, FedEx route owners can truly make a difference. In turn, the more routes you add to your FedEx business, the more of an impact you can make in your region. The key is to make your vehicle fleet more eco-friendly with the strategies outlined above.

To buy a FedEx route and grow your business, contact KR Capital online or call us at (503) 664-0753. As a specialized FedEx brokerage firm, we can help you find new routes that suit your specific criteria.