7 Day Operations: How to Make it Work for Your Business

If you’ve decided to buy a FedEx route, you may be eager to begin the process. However, it’s wise to pause and consider certain aspects before you commit. This will help you develop a realistic sense of what it’s like to own a FedEx route (and mentally prepare yourself as well).

To start, take some time to learn about FedEx Ground’s 7-day operations. By understanding the model—as well as the pros and cons—you can get a better idea of how to make it work for you.

About FedEx 7-Day Operations

As the name suggests, 7-day operations means that your team will deliver packages seven days a week. This 7-day delivery model went into effect in January 2020 and is implemented in more than 17,000 cities and towns.

The shift was executed to meet the rising demand of e-commerce shipping, along with the high expectations of customers. The extra delivery day, Sunday, enables customers to receive their packages without waiting over the weekend. This is especially important for those in the weekend service areas.

For FedEx drivers, operating seven days a week spreads out deliveries over more days. In some ways, it can lessen the load per delivery day, but it can be costly for FedEx route owners. The model involves more mileage, gas expenses, and wear and tear on vehicles overall. Drivers may also be disheartened about the prospect of not having Sundays off.

So how do you run a 7-day operation in a profitable, efficient manner?

How to Manage 7-Day Operations

As a FedEx route owner, here’s how you can implement a successful 7-day operation:

Hire Weekend Drivers

To avoid overworking weekday drivers, consider hiring part-time drivers to cover the weekends. With this strategy, your drivers’ schedules can remain relatively consistent.

Maintain Consistent Operations Throughout the Week

Make sure the operations of each day are the same—whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. Likewise, treat both your full-time and part-time drivers equally, regardless of when they work. This will help sustain employee productivity and motivation while keeping your output consistent.

Prioritize Vehicle Maintenance

Preventative truck maintenance is key for avoiding unnecessary problems and service interruptions. It’s the best way to ensure your fleet can efficiently operate all day, every day.

Optimize Your Routes

Use route planning software to optimize your routes and create the most efficient routes possible.

Use the Right Truck Size

The bigger the truck, the more deliveries your driver can make. Thus, routes with more stops should be assigned larger vehicles. Alternatively, if a route covers many miles in a rural area, it may call for a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Buy a FedEx Route with KR Capital

If you have more questions about 7-day operations, contact KR Capital. We can explain what you should know before buying a FedEx route for sale. As you complete the buying process, you’ll have additional opportunities to learn more during Q&A meetings with the seller.