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FedEx Routes for Sale: The Ultimate Guide

Our firm was selected to be interviewed by to discuss the different aspects of what it means to be a FedEx contractor.  The article touches on the following points:

  • Where to find FedEx Routes for Sale
  • The minimum requirements you need in order to become a FedEx contractor
  • Types of routes you can purchase
  • Expected costs and earnings for FedEx route contractors
  • Financing options that are available to you to purchase a route

To read the full text of the article, please follow the link below:

FedEx Routes for Sale: The Ultimate Guide

12 Winter Weather Driving Tips for Your FedEx Drivers


If you drive for work, you don’t have the luxury of escaping the snow. Furthermore, as we speak, many parts of the country are experiencing snow and icy roads. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how bad the roads are. Unless they’re closed, you still have to make your deliveries, and it’s best to be prepared for these conditions in advance.

Did you know that approximately 70 percent of the roads in the United States are located in snowy regions? A majority of these roads are driven by truckers, including shipping services. Snowy weather is responsible for 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes each year, attributing to 900 fatalities and more than 75,000 injuries.

The danger is very real, particularly for large vehicles, like trucks, that have unique needs during the winter. Even if you live in a warm state and drive mostly non-snowy routes, as a FedEx delivery truck driver, it’s essential that you learn how to handle the snowy conditions you’ll see throughout the country.

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The FedEx Peak Season

FedEx has recently announced that it expects to ship 317 million packages between Black Friday and Christmas Eve (a time referred to by FedEx contractors as “peak season”). In anticipation of this record package volume, FedEx will be hiring more than 55,000 seasonal workers – up from about 50,000 in 2014. Continue reading The FedEx Peak Season

When to Sell Your FedEx Routes

FedEx contractors contemplating the sale of their routes often ask us whether there is a right or wrong time of the year to sell. Should I sell now or wait until after peak? Do route prices vary with the time of year? How do I incorporate my new route(s) into the valuation of my overall business? I need a new truck – should I purchase/lease one before the sale or leave it to the new buyer? These are just some of the questions we receive on a daily basis. We’ll do our best to answer some of those questions here… Continue reading When to Sell Your FedEx Routes