What are FedEx buyers REALLY looking for?

In the coming weeks, we’ll be interviewing a number of buyers who have recently purchased FedEx routes.  We’ll be asking them a number of questions, such as

Why did you choose to get into the FedEx business?

What made you purchase these routes vs. others?

In your evaluation of the routes, what was the biggest risk/drawback that you had to overcome?

What did you like most about the routes?

What could the seller have done to make the routes more attractive?

For those FedEx contractors who are contemplating the sale of their routes, it is vitally important to understand the thought process a buyer goes through before ultimately pulling the trigger.  Our hope is that this buyer survey will capture exactly what went into the decision to purchase FedEx routes.

We’ll be posting the findings of these interviews in the weeks ahead, so please check back!  In the meantime, this article does a great job of capturing the general thought process of a buyers on a broader scale.