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Buyer Forms

The decision to purchase FedEx is a big one and should not be taken lightly. We have compiled a list of important resources for any buyer considering a FedEx venture.

Once you've identified a set of routes you're interested in, you will ultimately need to determine

Is the asking price fair?

A set of FedEx1 routes is largely based on a multiple of the business’ free cash flow. Our market research will give you insights on the FedEx routes sold in the past, as well as those currently offered for sale nationwide. You can download FedEx Comps in our resource list.

Will you qualify for route financing?

If you are seeking financing, you will need to incorporate this debt service into your decision making process. Understanding the the cost/terms/covenants associated with your loan will ensure you approach the purchase with your eyes open. You can download financing pre-approval documents in our resources list.

What price/terms are you willing to offer?

A large part of buying FedEx routes is determining the price/terms that will make sense for you. Once you and the seller have agreed on a price, the next step will be to outline the terms in a Letter of Intent. You can download a sample letter of intent from our resources.

How can you streamline your FedEx approval?

A large part of the FedEx approval process will include the submittal of a business plan (or RFI). We have made available a sample RFI that potential buyers can download upon request.

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