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KR Capital Advantage

KR Capital is a highly specialized brokerage firm focused exclusively on the sale of FedEx P&D and linehaul routes. Our targeted approach gives KR Capital a series of unique advantages when it comes to selling FedEx routes.
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Updated 12/13/2022

Important Considerations

KR Capital has a number of unique advantages when it comes to selling FedEx1 routes. Contractors seeking representation to sell their FedEx routes have a number of important things to consider. These might include:

  • How much experiences does the broker have with FedEx routes?
  • How do I know the broker is pricing my routes correctly?
  • Will I be leaving any money on the table?
  • Are the terms of my deal favorable?
  • How will the broker solicit buyer interest?
  • Will I have enough buyers to talk to in order to ensure the routes are sold?
  • Are the buyers financially qualified?
  • How will the broker market the routes on a confidential basis?
  • Is the broker familiar with the FedEx approval process and can he/she assist in that process?

Advantages of working with KR Capital


Intimate understanding of the FedEx business model


A thorough and defensible route valuation methodology that allows us to sell routes for a premium price


Extensive and proprietary market data to help support our valuations


A close network of lenders specifically focused on financing FedEx routes


A detailed and professional Offering Memorandum that positions our clients in the best possible light


A robust and proprietary buyer database that has been meticulously built over nearly 10 years


The ability to target in-house buyers to preserve the highest levels of confidentiality and accelerate the sales cycle of the business


A deep library of resources built to help both buyers and sellers move towards a successful and expedient transaction


An intimate knowledge of the FedEx approval process, allowing us to accelerate towards a faster closing

The Value of KR Capital

Some KR Capital Value components include:

We have successfully completed over $150 million in FedEx routes sales nationwide across hundreds of transactions.

We have a proprietary buyer database with over 10,000 active (FedEx-specific) buyers. This buyer database contains each buyer’s contact information, available capital, route preferences, and more. With this information, we are able to target the buyers who will be most interested in the opportunity for sale. For clients extremely concerned with confidentiality, this allows us to market the routes to our internal database without posting the opportunity online.

KR Capital has invested significant capital in its online presence. As part of our marketing strategy, we aim to rank as high as possible for buyers searching the internet for FedEx routes for sale. These efforts have resulted in an average of 5,500+ monthly visitors who are actively seeking information on available FedEx routes for sale.

In preparation for going to market, we work with our clients to compile a best-in-class offering memorandum showcasing the business. We have a very detailed understanding of what information a buyer (and their lender) will be looking for in their evaluation of the opportunity. Our highly professional Offering Memorandum positions the company in its best possible light and gives the buyer the information they need to make a decision on the purchase.

Once the buyer has been identified and the terms of the transaction are negotiated and finalized, we proceed with FedEx approval. KR Capital has an intimate understanding of the FedEx approval process and what will be required of both buyer and seller. This knowledge allows us to help expedite the FedEx approval process and move towards a quick closing.

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