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Marketing Process

Clients of KR Capital benefit from a highly specialized, multi-tiered marketing process to sell their FedEx routes quickly, confidentially and for the highest value possible.
Average # of buyer inquiries per transaction
Average months to close transaction (includes FedEx approval period)

Our Multi-Tiered Marketing Process

We understand that selling your routes may likely be one of the largest financial decisions of your life. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. In order to ensure your FedEx1  routes ultimately get sold and for the right price, we must ensure they receive as much buyer exposure as possible. There is a delicate balance that exists between maximizing buyer exposure and maintaining strict confidentiality. Our marketing process does exactly this.

Our multi-tiered marketing process has been developed over many years and draws on the extensive information we have gained over time.

The first tier of our marketing process begins with our internal, proprietary database. Our database contains critical information on over 13,000 buyers, to include: contact information, available capital, location and route preferences, and more. As we continue to market and sell FedEx routes nationwide, this database builds on itself creating even more buyer exposure for sellers to come.

The second tier of our marketing process pertains to our online presence on prominent search engines. Ranking a website at the top of search engines such as Google and Bing is no easy task. It has taken us years of work and thousands upon thousands of dollars to achieve this ranking. Our online efforts target the thousands of buyers per month actively searching the internet for FedEx routes for sale. On average, our website receives over 5,500 visitors per month, many of whom are potential buyers. There is simply no way to shortcut this type of online exposure and it is exclusively a KR Capital advantage.

The third tier of our marketing process is to ensure our clients are placed on the most visited and authoritative business-for-sale websites. As part of our services, we incur the membership costs for these websites on behalf of our clients in order to ensure we are capturing buyer activity here as well.

Our dedication to selling FedEx routes exclusively provides for:


Accurately value your routes with defensible support and documentation


Produce a large pool of serious and qualified buyers through our multi-tiered marketing process


Effectively negotiate the terms of the transaction


Secure bank financing among our network of lenders for buyers who require it


Help the buyer navigate the FedEx approval process


Successfully close the transaction

All while maintaining STRICT confidentiality

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