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Offering Memorandum

As specialized FedEx brokers, one of our highest priorities is to ensure our client opportunities are presented in the best possible light. We exceed expectations – every time.

The Offering Memorandum

Once a buyer has expressed interest in an opportunity, we require that they sign a strict confidentiality agreement and provide proof of capitalization. It is only after we have obtained this information from a potential buyer that they receive information on the business.

offering memorandum cover imageThe Offering Memorandum is the very first exposure the buyer receives on the given opportunity. As such, it is imperative that we make a highly professional and engaging first impression.

Our Offering Memorandums are designed to give the buyer as much information as possible so that they can make a quick and informed decision on the opportunity. It goes without saying that the more information a buyer receives, the higher level of comfort they will ultimately have about the business. This information extends beyond just the business they are evaluating.

A majority of buyers will be looking to get into the FedEx1  business for the first time. As a result, they will be looking for information on the FedEx business model, in addition to information on the business itself. Buyers will also often have a team of advisors that will be helping them make their decision. These individuals might include a CPA, attorney, banker, family member, advisor, etc. With multiple sets of eyes on the opportunity, we must ensure we put our best foot forward and present the opportunity in its best possible light. We consider our Offering Memorandum to be among the best in the industry and it is a key component to our success in getting FedEx deals done quickly, efficiently, and for a premium price.

Our offering memorandums are specially designed to showcase several key areas of the business for sale:


A high-level overview of the opportunity

Value Proposition

Specific value components that make the business opportunity unique and compelling


Relevant information on the FedEx business model and an overview of what it means to be a FedEx contractor


Detailed descriptions of the routes contemplated in the sale


A meticulous accounting of all financial aspects of the business

Supporting Documentation

A full appendix of supporting documents that the buyer and lender will ultimately require

Cash Flow

An easy-to-follow spreadsheet illustrating how the cash flow and asking price were determined

Business Details

Information on the business location, vehicle fleet and certain personnel details (personnel details provided at seller’s discretion)

And more...

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