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It's been our pleasure to serve our clients. Here are some of the things they are saying about us.
  • Thank you so much for all the help selling my FedEx contract. The help putting a value on the business, setting the pricing, the initial listing, screening the potential buyers, closing the deal and everything else in between made things go so smooth! Thanks for all the phone calls to the buyer and to myself! It was so helpful to have you to reach out to for guidance and help. You helped me get so much more out of my business than I ever thought possible! The process went so FAST, I can hardly believe it! My life has become so less stressful, it’s already changed my family and I. This will be the first Christmas we’ve been able to enjoy together in so many years. May God bless you and your family this holiday season.

    Brandon Smith
  • When my partner, Kurt, and I decided to sell our FedEx ISP, we were unsure as to how to go about finding a buyer for our business. We did some preliminary checking and exploration of possible options for selling our business. We were informed of KR Capital that specifically dealt with finding qualified buyers for FedEx ISPs. Our association with KR Capital produced a qualified buyer in our specified time frame and resulted in a successful financial transaction. We were provided exceptional service and professional expertise, regarding the sale of our FedEx ISP, during the entire time we were clients of KR Capital. We would highly recommend KR Capital to any FedEx ISP contractor that is seeking to sell their business.

    Greg Yarger, Kurt Luecke
  • This letter is my personal recommendation for KR Capital. After evaluating multiple alternative options, I selected KR Capital as my Broker. The process of working with their firm was exceptional in every way. Their representatives were personal, professional and extremely knowledgeable in FedEx Ground’s requirements. They take their work very seriously and are passionate about providing outstanding service to their clients.

    I hired KR Capital to locate prospective buyers for the sale of my company, Pro Transportation Services, Inc., which is located in Connecticut. Since Pro Transportation Services, Inc. leases with FedEx Ground, requirements were numerous and the options in the market for our needs at the time were limited. Nevertheless, KR Capital worked tirelessly to ultimately identify the absolute perfect buyer for my company.

    In short, the overall value KR Capital brought to Pro Transportation, Inc. far exceeded my expectations. My hopes of selling the company within a short period of time were achieved. Their approach was hands-on and took responsibility for every aspect of the process. I found the service that KR Capital provided to be unmatched in my experience…they truly exceeded all my expectations.

    In addition to their excellent work, they are a firm of integrity. Their excellent negotiation skills, tenacity, sound technical ability and overall passion and effectiveness at their job are enhanced by their personal character and integrity.

    I would highly recommend KR Capital to anyone looking for a talented, ethical, professional, committed and effective broker who also has an outstanding attitude and solid reputation. I am truly pleased and impressed with the outstanding job KR Capital did for us!

    Carleen Van Blarcom
  • KR Capital LLC was an absolute pleasure to do business with. After nearly a decade of building a multiple PSA FedEx Ground business, I decided to sell my company. KR Capital’s knowledge of the business along with their constant professionalism were key to my successful sale. FedEx ground routes have increased in value significantly in the past several years, however that being said I was able to get nearly double the price of the highest selling route in my terminal. Thanks to KR Capital I received multiple offers in a very short time. By the time it came to make a final decision I had four solid letters of intent to choose from. I would highly recommend KR Capital to any and all who intend to sell their FedEx business. Don’t settle for little money…..KR Capital WILL get you top dollar for your hard earned investment.

    Ryan Thorn
  • This letter is to signify my appreciation to KR Capital LLC for the outstanding work performed with the sale of my routes. The process was a little intimidating to me because of previous transactions. By involving a broker, I was hoping to eliminate the chaos and worry, and KR Capital was certainly the right firm for the job.

    Their firm was a pleasure to work with, got the routes sold quickly, and the process was easy. They were there for both the buyer and me, to field questions, and ensure that the right connections were made. I would certainly recommend KR Capital to anyone who is looking to buy or sell, and I look forward to working with them on future transactions myself.

    Daniel Sherry
  • I am writing to personally recommend the services of KR Capital. I worked with KR Capital recently to sell my delivery routes and they made the process very simple for me. They showed great respect for my confidentiality and there were no disruptions in my day-to-day operations either. They were able to bring in multiple offers for my routes, which resulted in me selling them for a couple hundred thousand more than I thought possible. Their commission was very reasonable as well. I can’t say enough how pleased I am with their work. I would recommend KR Capital to any FedEx contractor looking to sell their routes.

    Brian Carpenter
  • We recently used the services of KR Capital to sell our FedEx routes, and we highly recommend him to other contractors / ISPs who are interested in selling. The folks at KR Capital are extremely ambitious, organized and motivated throughout the entire process. They quickly found us several serious leads who were all willing to pay top dollar for our routes. We will never try to sell routes on our own again. KR Capital produced a very large pool of serious buyers who we could have never reached on our own. Their fee was very fair, especially considering how much we were able to get for our routes by using his services. We highly recommend KR Capital, and we look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

    Amber Kangas and Randy Ray
  • I would like to personally recommend KR Capital to any Fedex contractor or ISP who is looking to sell his or her routes. Their firm was able to sell my ISP quickly because they had many potential buyers ready to go. I had used other brokers in the past with commission rates that were outrageous and they never got the job done. KR Capital got the job done with the first buyer. The key with KR Capital is that they specialize in Fedex routes. They are better able to inform potential buyers because of their experience with the Fedex system. Their knowledge of the Fedex independent contractors and ISP’s is extensive so they are able to line up the right buyers. I had been trying to sell my ISP for several years with no success until I met with KR Capital. They were able to find the right buyer with the very first referral and we closed at the end of October. Their commission rate is more than fair and there are no long contracts to tie you up. Again to any contractor or ISP who are looking to sell their routes there is no one that I could recommend more than KR Capital.

    Ted McGinn
  • I would enthusiastically and without hesitation recommend KR Capital and their services. Their firm was able to quickly put us in touch with several qualified buyers soon after listing and as a result we were able to close on the sale of our 8 routes within a few months. They were in constant contact throughout the process and were very diligent about returning calls or gathering information that we needed. KR Capital’s experience with the FedEx business and with independent contractors and ISP’s is impressive and we believe a key asset in using their services.

    I would not hesitate to use KR Capital again in the future and would encourage anyone trying to buy or sell routes to use their services.

    Mark Guarente
  • Being able to close on a business that I started with my son 5 years ago was bittersweet. This had been a time of learning and discovery for both of us as our relationship grew and changed. I’m not sure how I could find a partner I could trust more than my son. Even now, with the largest balance I’ve ever had in our business account, I rest easy knowing that our money is safe.

    Closing this business meant having to find a buyer and looking back I’m not sure why I would have considered attempting this without a professional, such as yourself. As a business consultant, my time is at a premium and you made this process flow smoothly. My son and I learned a lesson relative to the value a broker brings to sale. From our initial contact, to you bringing buyers and offers to us, your professionalism and positive personality were a welcomed relief from this otherwise potentially stressful situation.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve already passed your name and contact information along to a colleague looking to sell his 6 FedEx Ground routes. Thank you again for all of your work and creativity to make this a deal that we were extremely satisfied with.

    Herb Robbins
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