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Selling your FedEx routes will likely be one of the largest financial decisions in your life. We have compiled a list of important resources for any contractor considering the sale of their FedEx routes.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether (and when) to sell your FedEx business.

Current Market Conditions

We are often asked about the current market conditions and whether there is a right or wrong time of year to sell to sell FedEx routes. Although we have not observed a strong trend in route sales during a specific time of the year, our list of completed sales will show any seasonality we have experienced.

Business Valuation

The valuation of your FedEx route business will be determined largely by the cash flow generated by the business. As part of this exercise, it is important to identify any discretionary / non-recurring / non-business expenses incurred by the operation. These expenses will contribute to the cash flow of the business.

Regional Buyer Activity

The sale of your routes will ultimately depend upon finding the right buyer who is willing to offer the right price. Buyer activity for FedEx routes can vary depending upon where the routes are located in the country. KR Capital tracks its buyer activity very closely so that we can cater the marketing plan for our clients accordingly.

How the Routes Will Be Marketed and Sold

It is said a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Selling FedEx routes is no different and we closely follow this philosophy at KR Capital. Our marketing process has been refined over many years of selling FedEx routes and our track record for success speaks for itself.

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