FedEx Independent Contractor Job Types

fedex independent contractor

Did you know that you can work as your own boss while leveraging the global presence and brand identity of a multinational company? Becoming a FedEx independent contractor might be exactly what you’re looking for in your next professional step, but first, you need to learn more about what that means for you.

What is an independent contractor?

In its most basic sense, becoming an independent contractor essentially means that you are your own business owner – operating under the rules, standards, and regulations of a larger corporate entity. You are not a direct employee of the company, instead, you are like a finger on the company’s hand – you benefit from their position, but you need to operate on your own accord to be effective.

For FedEx, this means purchasing and operating your own routes, delivering packages on those routes, and adhering to the standards and rules of the governing company (which mandates everything from uniforms to driver safety). For many, this role not only provides a certain level of independence but can also act as a solid investment – so long as you know about the different opportunities available to you…

FedEx Independent Contractor Types

There are essentially three main types of FedEx independent contractors, and they are as follows:

  • Custom Critical Owner Operator – These folks are the foundation of FedEx’s entire Custom Critical fleet. If you are willing to hustle and own a vehicle (or several), this might be the role best suited for you.
  • Ground Independent Contractor – People who work as a ground independent contractors move packages on the long-haul routes between FedEx ground locations. This means that you need to provide your own tractor, but FedEx supplies a trailer. In this role, you are responsible for your own expenses.
  • Home Delivery Independent Contractor – Delivering things right to people’s doors! A home delivery independent contractor operations along a specific route, and provides packages on that route. In this role, you must own your own vehicle and must absorb all the other business-related expenses.

Depending on how involved you want to be, and the level of investment you are able to make will determine the type of independent contractor that works best for you.

Learning About FedEx Contractor Routes For Sale

Routes are the lifeblood of the independent contractor and are what makes this type of business so attractive to those who want to run things their way, with the backing of a large company. A route guarantees a certain level of stability, popularity, and symbolizes a good investment for someone who is willing to help make things happen.

As an independent contractor, you essential run your own business with the marketing efforts of the entire FedEx corporation. This means you need to meet FedEx ground contractor requirements, but the way you run your business, the people you hire, and how you work (and how involved you are)  is up to you.

Owning A FedEx Route

Have you been thinking of striking out on your own and owning a FedEx route? Becoming a FedEx independent contractor might be easier than you think. Find FedEx routes for sale.