All About FedEx Linehaul – Or Is it Line Haul?

FedEx line haul

Part of the FedEx independent contractor model includes linehaul. The term linehaul is not only spelled two different ways (linehaul and line haul) but as many truck drivers will tell you, companies have varying definitions of the term.

So what does linehaul actually mean? Let’s look at some of the variants:

– Linehaul can be defined as driving a truck (and potentially a trailer) terminal to terminal, Point A to Point B.

– Linehaul can be defined as driving a truck (and potentially a trailer) terminal to terminal, Point A to Point B and back to Point A.

– Linehaul can also be defined as driving a truck Point A to Point B to Point C and so on.

In the above scenarios, the drive trips are generally hundreds of miles long and have the driver following dedicated routes. These can be regional in nature or across state lines. In some cases, the driver will return home at night, in others he/she will return home when the trip is complete (can span several days).

Unlike FedEx Ground or FedEx Express, drivers do not interact with the general public. Additionally, they do not need to load and unload the truck. The FedEx linehaul job allows workers focus on their main mission: driving truck/trailer(s) to a specific location. This makes FedEx line haul routes particularly popular with certain types of drivers. These contractors generally get their direction from a ground linehaul coordinator who will help drivers understand their routes and company policies.

Some companies define line haul as the simple movement of cargo between two locations with a distance greater than 1,000 miles.

When searching for linehaul drivers, most employers will be looking for several things, including but not limited to verifiable driving experience, a commitment to safety demonstrated with a clean driving record and satisfaction of all D.O.T. requirements. Criminal background check, DMV check and drug screening are also part of the linehaul hiring process.

No matter how you define linehaul or how you spell it – line haul – in each scenario, means heavy loads of freight are traveling long distances.