Who Should Buy a FedEx Route?

who should buy a FedEx route

Owning an independent business is synonymous with pursuing the American Dream. Whether you were born knowing that all roads point to running your own company, or have recently been bitten by the self-employment bug, you will want to consider owning a FedEx route. While lucrative and satisfying for most, the business model is not for everybody. Today we look at who should buy a FedEx route and some of the pros and cons that come with the turf.

You should buy a FedEx route if…

If you understand that Business + Risk = Entrepreneurship, you likely have the mettle to own FedEx routes.

It’s rare to be able to purchase a business that gives an individual such a clear path to ROI, but FedEx routes do just that.

If you are the type of person who is willing to shoulder a burden and turn challenges into positives, there is the potential for amazing profits.

You should buy a FedEx route if…
YOU ARE A PEOPLE PERSON (or are willing to hire one)

Losing a driver during the holiday crunch and unexpected weather events are likely a couple of the hurdles you will have to clear to keep your FedEx business profitable and successful.

Being personable and having a strong local network will be of great assistance when the unexpected happens. Who should buy a FedEx route? A person with an understanding of human interactions!

Plus, don’t forget that the drivers are your employees — not FedEx’s. That means you will be hiring, firing, mentoring and coaching. After all, the better your workers, the better chance that your business will be profitable.

You should buy a FedEx route if…

FedEx routes are owned by people from all walks of life. However, having driver experience, or being able to step into any role that needs to be filled in a pinch, can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your business humming along. People who are able to be an owner-operator on a full-time, part-time, or even an emergency basis, tend to succeed. The FedEx world generally finds that high-achievers are willing to get their hands dirty.

You should buy a FedEx route if…

It’s a blessing for most; owning a FedEx route requires no marketing on the contractor’s behalf. That means no silly brainstorming sessions and no budget line for advertising — FedEx takes care of it all for you. In today’s world of noise, where it’s virtually impossible to cut through, you don’t have to worry about the #1 problem that most independent businesses are faced with.

You should buy a FedEx route if…

The free marketing, consistent revenue, and growing demand are a trade-off for several sacrifices independent owners will have to make. FedEx is involved in regulating several safety and delivery standards. While owners find much satisfaction in their independence, going completely rogue or off the grid is not an option. Who should buy a FedEx route? Owners who understand that the support from FedEx greatly outweighs any of the challenges and puts them in an optimal position to succeed.

You should buy a FedEx route if…

Is buying a FedEx route a good investment? Absolutely. Having available cash makes the road to success that much smoother. Trucks need repairs. Backup drivers are needed. And so on. While you will not need to worry about capital for utilities (and marketing!), you will want to make sure your business can sustain a “worst case scenario.” The application process will look to confirm your ability to handle several scenarios from a financial standpoint.

You should buy a FedEx route if…

Since you will need to create an S Corporation to own a FedEx route, you will need to provide your own health insurance and retirement plan. Folks who already have these items in place from a previous employer or pension system are ahead of the game.

As with most businesses, it is also easier to own a route that is close to home than one that is far away. If you know where you would like to retire, or at least live out the next chapter of your life, you will likely want to look for routes in those regions.

Having your life mapped out (as best as possible!), is a helpful step before taking on a new business, FedEx or otherwise.


When it comes to figuring out who should buy a FedEx route, there is no perfect formula, but there are certain ingredients you will want to make sure are in your personal recipe. Route ownership is generally best served by people who are passionate, hard-working, flexible and understand teamwork. If that sounds like you, contact us today for available FedEx routes for sale.