FedEx Is the Reigning Logistics King

There’s a reason why so many people known about FedEx, and their place in the market. After all, how would you like to work with royalty? Well, FedEx is the king of logistics, throughout the world, meaning that when you partner with them to own your very own route you’re practically in the high court.

What makes FedEx so strong, though? Let’s look at the reasons why…

Decades In The Business

FedEx has been in the business since 1971, that’s over forty years of delivering packages around the globe. Since that point, they have amassed a fleet of logistical solutions – with a combination of air, ground, and IT networks, to distribute products across the globe.

This proven track record of success speaks for itself. FedEx logistics has worked for years and continues to work as consumer demands shift into the online space (creating even greater demand for moving products, across the world, in record times).

A History of Innovation

In the face of a growing global economy, FedEx has stayed strong by being innovative. Not only do they rely on a proven business model of routes and working with independent contractors, they feature innovative warehousing solutions which keeps products organized, while distributing them on time across oceans, time zones, or simply from county to county.

These are known as FedEx Logistics Distribution Centers (LDC), and are strategically positioned throughout the world (in Asia and in many major cities). They offer a 24-hour, seven day-a-week solution to manage time-sensitive inventory (like food, medicine, and more). In this way, FedEx logistics offer contemporary, innovative, and cutting edge technologies to keep things moving.

Benefitting Businesses

Based on all of this, the main reason that FedEx logistics have become king is how they benefit businesses around the globe. In working with FedEx, businesses have the time to worry less about moving products, and more about creating competitive advantages in the marketplace.

This results in greater profitability, higher asset utilization, and increased customer satisfaction (which, if you ask us, is truly the perfect mix). People trust FedEx because of their history in the business, the way they handle problems, and the success that comes from working with them.

Join The Best Today

FedEx logistics are the best in the world, and for good reason. If you feel like joining a winning team, you should consider learning more about how FedEx works, and looking into purchasing your very own route today. Not only will it give you the opportunity to start your own business, but to do so with the best at your back.