How to Retain FedEx Route Drivers

Like any small business, owning your own FedEx route requires having your own FedEx route drivers. These are workers that you need to be able to rely on to carry out deliveries and to make your business succeed.

While you might be able to play your own part, these folks will most certainly play a role in your overall success. The question becomes: How do you retain FedEx route drivers for the long haul? Here’s how…

Empower Them

Your FedEx route is not only an investment, it’s your own small business. That’s why it is so important that you cultivate a team culture with your own FedEx route. Have your drivers feel part of your business’ success by rewarding them with staff gatherings, team building opportunities, and other social activities.

When you have a team that works together, and plays together, you help build “buy-in” from employees who might not otherwise feel as connected to the success of the business. Instead, make them feel it, and they’ll stick around.

Educate Them

Just like any workplace scenario, workers leave because they want to access better opportunities (and to take on new challenges). FedEx route drivers are no different. As an owner, you need to be able to seek out professional development opportunities, ones even offered by FedEx, to learn more about the brand, best practices, and what they can do to improve.

If your employees feel as though they are learning something, being asked to complete new challenges (within their skill set), and having fun at the same time, it’s easy to see why they would stand by your side over time.

Respect Them

When it comes to FedEx route drivers, they are just like anyone else – they want to be respected. Let them know that you respect their work and that their time is their own so long as they fulfill their quotas.

If a worker knows that they can be trusted and that their boss is not watching their every move, they are more likely to be respectful with their time – because they know it can be theirs when the work is through.

Make FedEx Route Drivers Stay

If you want your small business to succeed, you need to understand what it takes to cultivate a place where people want to work. Especially when you are essentially representing a brand like FedEx, your drivers need to feel that corporate pride in everything that you do.