KR Capital Has the Experience and Resources to Help You Sell FedEx Routes

Selling your FedEx routes is a major business decision—and one that requires detailed planning in order to be efficiently executed. You spent years growing and scaling your business so it could become the profitable enterprise it is today, so why take the risk of selling it for less than it’s worth because you lack the experience and the resources necessary to navigate the complex FedEx sales process?

Here’s why it pays to work with a FedEx broker.

Working with an experienced FedEx brokerage firm can help expedite the process of listing and selling your routes by making sure you fulfill the specific requirements at each step to guarantee a smooth and successful sale. Without the guidance of a professional FedEx broker, you may be at risk of:

  • Selling your routes for less than they are worth
  • Failing to find the most qualified buyers for your routes
  • Poorly presenting your business to potential buyers
  • Not having the required documents needed to sell
  • Becoming overwhelmed or confused by the process

Here’s what to look for when choosing a FedEx broker.

In the same way it pays to have a qualified professional working on your car or installing an appliance in your home, the benefits of working with an experienced brokerage firm to sell your FedEx routes cannot be overstated. First and foremost, partner with a broker that deals exclusively with FedEx route sales. That way, you can be sure they have the knowledge and understanding necessary to help you navigate the intricate FedEx sales and approval process.

Next, select a broker with several years of on-the-ground experience. Why? Because a team that has been doing this for a while is one that knows how to provide an accurate valuation of your FedEx routes so you can ultimately get the best price for your business. While you may see routes for sale on less reputable platforms like Craigslist, keep in mind that sellers are far more likely to attract strong buyers by listing at fair market prices with a reputable broker.

Finally, make sure you select a broker that understands the importance of information security; this is especially important in our modern digital age. A trustworthy broker will have several safeguards in place to ensure your personal and financial information is stored securely and never shared without your consent.

Ready to take the first step? Trust KR Capital to help you sell your routes. 

As the leading FedEd brokerage firm in the nation—with a decade of experience and more than $200 million route sales to our credit—KR Capital can help you sell your routes efficiently, confidentially, and for a premium price.

When you are ready to sell, fill out our brief online Seller Info Request Form. A member of our team will then contact you to arrange a call so that we can discuss your business, your goals, and answer any questions you have about the FedEx route sales process. From there, we can help you take the first steps toward a successful sale.