Everything You Need to Know to Sell FedEx Routes

Are you thinking about selling your FedEx routes but aren’t sure where to start? Do you have questions about how to determine the value of your routes or when the best time is to sell your P&D or linehaul routes? As the leading FedEx brokerage firm in the nation, KR Capital can help you sell your routes quickly, confidently, and for a premium price.

Below you will find a list of key resources for FedEx contractors looking to sell their routes.

When is the best time to sell FedEx routes?

If you are thinking about selling your FedEx route business, there are several factors to consider before starting the process. For starters, seasonal timing is everything, and FedEx typically will not approve route transfers during peak season. Learn more here.

How long will the sales process take? 

Most FedEx route operations are sold within three to six months. However, the sales process involves multiple steps, and being underprepared may slow things down considerably. Before you make the decision to sell your FedEx routes, there are a few things you can do to help the process go more smoothly. Read the blog.

When should you tell your employees you plan to sell the business?

Selling your FedEx route business impacts more than just you, and telling your employees will be a critical step in the process. Getting the timing right is important, and starts with understanding the unique nuances of the FedEx sales process. Learn more here.

Why should you partner with an experienced broker to sell your FedEx routes?

The FedEx route sales process is both complex and extensive. Working with an experienced FedEx brokerage firm can help to expedite the process by ensuring contractors fulfill the specific requirements at each step to guarantee a smooth and successful sale. Discover the benefits of hiring a broker.

Why does search engine exposure (SEO) matter when selling your routes?

Online shopping has been steadily increasing over the last decade, and even more so since the start of the pandemic. Building a strong online presence can help FedEx route sellers find the right buyer and secure the best possible price for their routes. Learn more here.

How to ensure data confidentiality during the FedEx route sales process

A breach of data at any time during the FedEx sales process can not only give your competitors an advantage if the deal falls through, but you also risk losing or upsetting your current employees who may be unaware of your plans to sell. These important tips will help you make sure all information remains secure and protected from start to finish.

Selling your FedEx routes: a quick checklist

Before searching for potential buyers, consult this FedEx sale checklist. Here, you will find important tasks and documentation that are essential for a smooth transaction.

Top seller FAQs

To help you take the first step toward a successful sale, we have answered the most common seller FAQs in this blog. Find out how routes are valued, the top reasons why FedEx sales don’t close, and what happens after you have sold your routes.

Sellers: Avoid these common mistakes.

Selling your FedEx route business takes time and preparation. Avoid these common mistakes and make sure you sell your routes for the most value and to the most qualified buyer.