How Can FedEx Route Business Owners Prepare Drivers for an “Unprecedented” Holiday Shipping Season?

This time last year, no one could have predicted that in just a few short months, a global pandemic would change the world as we know it. But here we are in late 2020, having grown accustomed to living a contactless life and relying on shipping and delivery services to provide many of the things we need.

Now, with shoppers gearing up for the holidays, FedEx route business owners should be thinking about ways to support their drivers and optimize delivery plans during an even busier peak season.

FedEx plans to increase hiring to prepare for the 2020 holiday season.

In anticipation of what FedEx Corp. President and COO Raj Subramaniam predicts will be an “unprecedented holiday shipping season,” the company recently stated that they plan to hire more than 70,000 additional workers, most of whom will be added to the FedEx Ground network.

Along with expanded weekend residential coverage, FedEx Corp. also announced plans for “new and expanded facilities” to meet the needs of consumers during the holidays. This includes additional sorting facilities, large package facilities, and enhanced technology solutions to streamline shipping and delivery logistics.

How can FedEx route owners prepare drivers for an uptick in holiday deliveries?

Whether you own five routes or 50, your drivers are the heart and soul of your business. Along with making sure they follow important health and safety protocols—both for their own health and the well-being of your customers—there are steps you can take to make sure your driving team is ready for whatever the 2020 holiday shipping season brings.

1. Plan ahead to ensure your routes are covered. Instead of scheduling drivers or shifts a week or two in advance like you normally do, consider creating a schedule now for the entire holiday season. That way, you know if any of your workers are planning to take time off for the holidays and you can work with other drivers to cover those shifts.

2. Schedule a meeting. While you still have some time, schedule a meeting to address any questions or concerns your drivers may have about the upcoming season. Topics can range from personal protective equipment (PPE) to the opportunity for overtime pay.

3. If you haven’t already, consider investing in route optimization software. Now is the perfect time to implement a solution that helps drivers be more productive and ensures packages are delivered on time. Route optimization software helps drivers increase deliveries and decrease drive time by finding the shortest and most efficient routes possible.

4. Make sure your vehicles are functioning optimally. Prior to the holiday rush, do your drivers a favor and schedule any necessary vehicle maintenance and/or repairs to keep your fleet running smoothly and prevent any issues while on the road.

5. Make sure new workers are trained. If you’ve hired any new drivers recently, make sure they’ve completed their training and feel comfortable with their routes before holiday shipping activity begins to pick up.

The recent shipping boon presents a unique opportunity for FedEx route owners.

Provided you plan accordingly and your drivers have the resources they need, the upcoming holiday season can be an extremely profitable one for motivated route owners. And, if you’ve been thinking about buying FedEx routes but haven’t yet taken the leap, keep in mind that the current social distancing protocols are expected to extend through 2021, which means the delivery surge is sure to continue.

For new contractors, while you may not have your business up and running before the holidays (since the FedEx approval process can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days), you’ll definitely be on track to begin the new year with a profitable new enterprise.

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