How to Find FedEx Routes for Sale

Thinking about becoming a FedEx route owner? Start by researching the ins and outs of FedEx Ground. (We recommended visiting the KR Capital blog, where you’ll find useful content on financing options, vehicle fleets, and more.) This will help you determine if the life of a route owner is right for you.

If you decide to move forward, the next step is to find a FedEx route for sale. Read on to learn about your options and tips for buying routes.

Where to Buy FedEx Routes

FedEx routes are primarily marketed on the Internet. Many owners sell their routes on, the largest online marketplace for buying and selling businesses.

You can also find routes through FedEx brokers like KR Capital. The KR Capital website has a comprehensive list of FedEx routes for sale. This page features currently available FedEx opportunities across the country.

Finding the Best FedEx Route for Sale

Now that you know where to look, how do you find the best FedEx route for you? Every route, after all, is different—so it’s crucial to pick one that matches your requirements.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a FedEx route:

  • Geographical location (city and state)
  • Type of route (P&D, linehaul, or both)
  • Number of employees and vehicles
  • Manager status of the route (owner or employee managed)
  • Your capital available for purchase
  • Whether or not you’re interested in bank financing

With these factors in mind, you’ll know precisely what to look for during your search. This will make it easier to spot routes that meet your needs—and pass over those that don’t.

Can’t find a route that suits your criteria? KR Capital can help the routes come to you. Complete our buyer info request form, and we’ll send you an email notification when a route that matches your requirements becomes available.

KR Capital Specializes in the Sale of FedEx Routes

Knowing how to find a FedEx route for sale is just one part of the buying process. You’ll also have to review the route business and submit a letter of intent. From there, you’ll need to complete due diligence, obtain financing, and get FedEx approval.

As experienced route brokers, we can help potential buyers (like yourself!) find available delivery routes. Our team can also help you efficiently finalize the buying process, from beginning to end.

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